Izmir Metropolitan Municipality establishes new forest fire detachments

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality establishes new forest fire detachments

As part of the forestry mobilization declared by the mayor of the metropolitan municipality of Izmir Tunç Soyer to make the green texture of the city resistant to fires, the metropolitan municipality is continuing its work. In addition to the fire stations, the Metropolitan Municipality has set up new detachments and guard posts against forest fires in forest villages and rural areas in order to make the fire services more efficient.

Following the destruction of vast tracts of forest by fires in Turkey recently, the work initiated by the Izmir metropolitan municipality is continuing at full speed. After the announcement by the mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, Tunç Soyer, of the action plan that will make the green texture of the city resistant to fires with the words “We declare a forestry mobilization”, the work aimed at establishing a team of forest volunteers of 200 people started, as the first fire department of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey. The General Directorate of Forest Villages and Rural Areas was created. As part of the work carried out within the framework of this approach, actions have been carried out to strengthen the efficiency of firefighters in forest villages and rural areas. In 4 districts, new fire brigades and fire station guard posts have been established to protect forest villages against forest fires.

Where are the new platoons and guard posts?

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, which works 30 hours a day, 52 days a week with 1095 firefighters, 282 people and 7 vehicles in 24 districts, in order to respond quickly to fires in forest villages and rural areas, ÖdemiÅŸ’s Gölcük, Menderes’ Ahmetbeyli, Kırıklar from Buca, Balçova Teleferik created guard points in the Küçükkuyu regions of MordoÄŸan.

Detachments have been established in Kaymakçı and Ovakent in Ödemiş, Yukarıbey in Bergama, Şirince in Selçuk and Alaçatı in Çeşme. These areas were designed as one-vehicle service areas to be monitored in summer and winter. The detachment from the village of Selçuk Şirince will serve as an important point for the protection of historic buildings and forest areas.

Ornekkoy and Ulukent are next.

Karşıyaka There are plans to build a fire station in the urban transformation zone of Ornekkoy in. After the completion of the seat allocation and the commissioning of the building, the Karşıyaka teams will be transferred more quickly to regions such as Çiğli, Yamanlar, Gümüşpala, Kyrenia and Bostanlı. In addition, a station map has been prepared for Menemen Ulukent and a seat allocation has been provided. It will soon become a platoon. A demand has also been created for Karabağlar Eskiizmir. Efforts to reduce fire response times will be supported by the implementation of training programs and the continued delivery of tankers to forest villages.

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