It’s good to say that western civilization is superior


Those of us who believe that contemporary Western civilization, rooted in the Enlightenment of Europe, is superior to what, say, modern China or Egypt has to offer, is it racist?

Should we, who have our ancestors in Africa or Asia, feel guilty when we are inspired by the Hobbesian alliance, the Lockean contract or the Rousseauian pact?

Some in the Islamic world believe this and condemn any learning from the words of the “Kufaar” (Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists).

But now it seems that some in the West also think it is racist for non-whites to look to Europe’s past for inspiration.

All over the world, 20th century non-European leaders aspired to uplift their societies to match the rights and responsibilities that had become part of the psyche of Europe and North America.

Whether they were followers of Marx or Milton Friedman, they longed for the right to be free as equal citizens, free from tribalism and caste, and not to be evaluated by a hierarchy of race and class. religion.

But apparently Chelsea Clinton, and many in her upper class, believe those of us who wish to live by Western values ​​of gender equality, embracing gays and lesbians, union rights, primacy rights and the sanctity of the individual are racist.

On Monday, Republican Congressman Steve King of Ohio had the temerity to suggest in a tweet that “Western civilization [is] higher civilization.

Clinton didn’t wait long to criticize the congressman, accusing him of racism.

Invoking the Jewish holiday of Purim, she tweeted: “It’s clear the congressman doesn’t consider all of our children to be, well, all of our children. Particularly ironic and painful on Purim.

Clinton and his fellow millionaires, millionaires and pretender Marxists believe that “all cultures are equal.”

That is, a culture that sees my autistic daughter as cursed equals a culture that puts her on the highest pedestal in society – to be loved and nurtured.

Clinton is not alone. Upper class white women and men often exhibit the blatant racism of lower expectations when it comes to black or brown people like me.

May I suggest to Clinton that if we are truly one big human family on this small earth, then what a culture accomplishes should be a matter of pride for all of us.

Likewise, the evil displayed by a culture when it slaughters and slaughters “the other” should be a shame for all of us.

Whether Afro-Asians and Latin Americans like it or not, Europe has led the way in illuminating our thought processes long before colonialism or imperialism that some find easy to blame for global problems.

Even in the Dark Ages of Europe at the turn of the last millennium, when Islamic scholars dominated the world of science, it was the Europeans that many Muslims studied for knowledge.

One example is the great Avicenna known as the “Prince of Physicians” of Persia in the 10th century.

Ibn Sina (as Muslims know him) studied Aristotle’s Organon, Euclid’s Elements and Ptolemy’s Almagest, before surpassing his masters to lay the foundations of modern medicine.

Hopefully, one day, life in Congo and Cambodia will be as civilized as in Canada.

But for that to happen, we who come from the developing world will have to let go of the thought of the Chelsea Clintons of this world and open the doors of reason.


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