Increasing population density in the urban area, plus other letters from Hamilton Community News to the editor


Subject: Critical Reflection on Urban Boundaries, April 28

The author calls for critical thinking to be applied to the discussion of expanding city limits. He points out that more people in the same area will increase the population density. At this point, he seems to give up on critical thinking, seemingly assuming that population density cannot be increased. Based on Statistics Canada data, the population density of the City of Hamilton is approximately 1,966 people per square kilometre. I compared this with other cities. Toulouse, France is a city similar to Hamilton, with a large industry, parts of the Airbus consortium, a university and a metro. Its population density is 4,200 inhabitants per square kilometer. For closer comparisons, Buffalo has a density of 2,441 people per square kilometer and Toronto 4,427 people per square kilometer. Residents of other cities seem to live together happily in a mixture of small dwellings and skyscrapers. Adding 236,000 people (Hamilton’s working estimate) would only increase its density to 2,636 people per square kilometer. NIMBYism seems to be his problem. He does not want to share space with others. Replacing monster houses with smaller ones could have an added benefit in reducing energy demand, a step we need to take as a city, country and world.

John Vickers

Hamilton Mountain


With skins thicker than a crocodile, Ontario’s political leaders are brazenly offering us golden opportunities for multi-million dollar “gifts” if only we vote for their particular party. Utopia is within reach! They pretend not to understand that they are brazenly bribing us with our own money, because the taxpayers will be footing the bill for these freebies, no one else. Surely the public is not stupid enough to fall for this fraudulent deception. Where is it?

jim mcdonald



Watching how the people of Ukraine react to Russia’s continued attacks on their country reminds me of a 90s song, “Tubthumping,” by the band Chumbawamba. Hear and feel the positivity of a nation that won’t give up.

Mike LoSchiavo

Stoney Creek