In Athens the tortured dogs of the “refuge” of the municipality of Ziros

Images of shame at the alleged animal “refuge” in Filippiada, Preveza

In miserable conditions and without the necessary care, the municipality of Ziros has taken in the homeless in the region in an unsuitable place. About 80 bony and seriously ill dogs, without electronic markings and sterile were found by the association for the defense of animals a small refuge, which goes to Filippiada Preveza, after complaints from citizens.

Animal welfare organizations alittleshelter and dogsvoice took care of the reception and transport of the animals to veterinary clinics in Athens, while they filed a complaint against the municipality.

“There is no excuse for the municipality of Ziros, the competent deputy mayor, in fact, is a veterinarian,” he said. dogsvoice founder Elena Dede, talk to Athens 9.84. “After the complaint, Katrina Tsantali, head of the association “a small refuge”, traveled to Philippiada with a lawyer and a veterinarian, Mr.. Panagiotis Xourafas and carried out an autopsy in the presence of the deputy mayor. The situation was much worse than imagined. She took 10 puppies in her car to Athens, which are already being treated, and the next day, i.e. yesterday, we transported 6 more. The goal by the end of the week is for everything to be transferred. ”

“Everything needs to be hospitalized, because most of them are seriously ill and at a very advanced stage. The animals, we were told by the municipality, are sterilized and vaccinated however they are all sterile, malnourished, without the special chip whose installation is the responsibility of the municipality, the place was not only unfit for animals, it was also full of excrement, urine and blood, a health bomb for the inhabitants of the area “.

“It is, clearly, the responsibility of the municipality. I would like to point out that the Municipality has received funding for this refuge: Indeed, it has received the approval of the “Philodimos” program but the project has not started. In other words, the amount has been approved so that he can do it for the next two years and he is in the process of bidding for the project. There was no abuse regarding the “Philodimos” program. However, there has certainly been abuse of other resources available to the local government for the homeless. Obviously not used for these animals. All this led us to file a complaint against the mayor and the deputy mayor. The case is already in the prosecutor began a preliminary examination. “We will not leave those responsible for this tragic situation unpunished.” points out Mrs Dede.

“We searched and found a place where they will be accommodated and will be protected, after their hospitalization and until their adoption. We hope to educate the world about fostering or adopting. These animals can no longer endure suffering. I call on everyone to look at these souls and now give them a chance for well-being “, ends Mrs Dede.

Those interested in helping with donations can do so:
  • for @a_little_shelter Bank of Piraeus: GR4901722280005228101622532
  • for @dogsvoice Bank of Piraeus GR66017214100051410762 68861.

All the money will go towards the veterinary expenses of these animals.

Kalliopi Aslanidou