How Wordle Can Save Our Civilization

Don’t be surprised if boxes of green, yellow, and black or white emojis start popping up in your recent Twitter and Facebook feeds.

It’s the internet’s new favorite game called Wordle. This daily dose of fun might boost your sanity and help build your English vocabulary, but it can also come in handy in other unexpected ways!

Probably a combination of “word” and “puzzle”, Wordle is a free word game that requires a player to guess a five-letter word in six tries. It gives clues when you try new words: it highlights letters in green if they are in the correct position, in yellow if they are in the word but in the wrong position, and in gray if they are not in the correct position. all in the featured word. I heard there’s even a “hard mode” option for those who want an extra challenge.

Wordle can be addictive and has very quickly become a fixture in the mornings of an increasing number of people, from housewives to office workers. Every day my wife and daughter never fail to compare their daily scores. I’m always surprised when my wife suddenly pierces the peace and quiet and upsets my equanimity when she comes to “gotcha” time while playing the game.

My wife has converted a lot of her friends on social media just by posting her daily Wordle achievements, which has prompted a few to get curious about it and adopt it as well.

Playing it has become a friendly competition between its followers and a source of bragging rights for those who can guess the word in just two or three tries. Players can’t wait to post their visual scorecards on social media, which show how players arrived at the correct answer and how many tries it took.

And now at least one woman can credit Worldle with saving her mother’s life. When her 80-year-old mother living in Chicago failed to send in her usual Wordle score, a Californian woman grew concerned. She tried to call her mother’s house and found she was disconnected. Fearing that she had fallen or suffered a heart attack, she called the police. It’s a good thing she did. When the police arrived, they found her held hostage by a man who broke into her home and locked her in the basement the night before.

This is a good reminder that it might be a good idea for older people to develop a few daily routines such as solving the word of the day or anything that can alert people close to you if something is wrong.

Wordle can save more than life.

It can save our brain from atrophy. In 2019, researchers found that adults over 50 who regularly enjoy word games perform better on tasks testing their memory, reasoning and attention skills. This research confirms previous findings which indicate that regular use of word and number puzzles helps to keep our brains in good working order for longer.

Wordle might even save the average Filipino’s meager English vocabulary from complete atrophy, as it can be a language learning tool. It also allows non-English speakers to practice their English vocabulary and spelling skills.

I would also like to have a Pilipino version. Many young students hate Pilipino but if it’s used as a fun vocabulary building tool, who knows?

While we’re at it, Wordle can also be used in history subjects or even literature.

And virtually any topic that involves words or names. Teachers can create and design their own digital interactive games based on the Wordle model to enliven not only reading and spelling lessons, but also history (guess the name of heroes or places), biology (scientific names flora and fauna), geography (country capitals) and so on. This type of interactive game can be an effective learning tool for young students because it involves high levels of engagement.

Some math teachers have also demonstrated that Wordle can also be a powerful tool for teaching logic and other math concepts because, as they pointed out, Wordle not only tests word knowledge, but also puzzle game knowledge. logic.

I have to admit that I myself haven’t started Wordle yet because as a writer I struggle with words all the time.

What I’m really happy about is that Wordle is now bringing back our interest in words.

I wish the Wordle creator would come up with more 6 letter words that are not trivial and simplistic and have more meaning, such as “nebula”, “obtund”, “ribald” and other curiosity arousing words that will make you turn to a dictionary and find out more.

It’s just words you say, but words can take people’s hearts away, as the song emphasizes. Or in the words of an anonymous sage: one word can change someone’s whole day. Or the world.

The Mahabharata, the Bible, the teachings of Buddha, Lao Tzu and Confucius, the Koran, among other books, are only words but they have served as the foundations of our respective cultures, beliefs and ways of life. Through the ages, these ancient books have guided, shaped and transformed us into who we are today.

Perhaps sparked by the Wordle craze, words will matter once again and by exchanging words instead of mass exterminating weapons with each other, words will save our world.