How to Play as Mongol Civilization (Tips, Tricks & Strategies)

The Mongol civilization in Age of Empires is not for the faint of heart, but experienced players use their speed and raiding ability to overpower their foes.

Each of the civilizations of Age of Empires IV has its own competitive advantage, and these largely dictate the style of play they work best for. The bonuses that different civilizations get can allow them to build on their strengths and become extremely difficult to deal with later in the game. Often multiplayer PvP matches in age of empires 4 may depend on which player best uses the chosen civilization.

The Mongol Empire is an exceptionally special civilization in age of empires 4, and its strengths and weaknesses don’t just tend towards a certain style of play; they need it. The Mongols must be played as a mobile raiding civilization to be successful, and less experienced players who don’t use this strategy may find it difficult to complete a win condition. As a result, this civilization is ideal for experienced players looking to challenge themselves with a hyper-specific playstyle.


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The most important starting bonus for the Mongol civilization in age of empires 4 start the game with maximum population, which is vital for survival as they cannot build farms and their villagers cannot mine stone. They must forage for food and raid to find food and build their unique Ovoo building on a stone deposit to collect the stone. Finding Stone and building an Ovoo on it should be the first priority for Mongol Empire players.

Build an economy and structures with the Mongols in Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires 4: The best monuments of the Mongol civilization to build in each era

To develop an economy while preparing to enter the second stage, the actors of the Mongolian civilization in age of empires 4 should immediately build an army and perform lightning attacks on enemy civilizations. These attacks will ignite enemy buildings, and each flaming building gives 50 food and gold. It’s a great way to make up for the lack of farms and other traditional buildings that players may be used to. As Ovoos depletes stone supplies, Mongol players can actually pack up their buildings and move them to locations with more stone. This pattern will continue for most of the game.

Once they reach age two, the Mongol civilization can build pastures, which are a more direct replacement for farms. This allows the military to focus more on maximizing damage to enemy civilizations before escaping, as they have less need for a colony’s resources. Age Three is the peak power the Mongols need to harness to win, and they need to exploit their military advantage with their Khan units at the start of the Age to ensure other civilizations don’t have time to build. strong anti-cavalry units. If players take full advantage of this power spike, they should have a clear path to a satisfying victory in Age of empires 4.

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Age of Empires IV is available on PC.

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