How to get and use the giant death robot

the Giant robot of death is one of the best assets for civilizations seeking a victory of domination in Civilization 6. The RDA is an endgame unit that can do almost anything on the battlefield. GDRs have both close range and ranged attacks, with base stats of 130 and 120 respectively. Massive robots can enter tunnels and wade through the water.

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Each RDA can accumulate bonuses that improve Strength and Movement. Eventually, GDRs acquire the ability to literally leap over mountains, making them highly adaptable units. Another key characteristic of the RDA is resistance to nuclear damage. Despite all the advantages of its use, units will need support in the face of Civilization 6 players.


Updated November 19, 2021 by Mark Hospodar: There are many ways to achieve victory in Civilization 6. However, few can achieve the same level of satisfaction as dominating enemies with a mechanical leviathan.

There isn’t much ambiguity when it comes to a unit called the “Giant Death Robot”. Fans are correct in assuming that the RDA is as cool as it sounds. However, acquiring one will not be quick or easy. Fortunately, by following these steps players will have a roadmap that will lead them to their own RDA in no time.

How to get a giant death robot

Civ 6 RDA

the The first step to unlocking the RDA is focusing on science. It will take 2,155 Sciences to unlock Robotics alone. The precursor of robotics is Computers, which have a price of 1,580 Sciences. Without going into too much detail, there are three other things that every civilization will need, which are listed below:

  • 1,500 productions
  • 6,000 gold (15 for upkeep)
  • 3 Uranium

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Production is acquired through several different activities. Strategies for increasing production are discussed in the next section. Players must have 6,000 gold up front, which is a huge amount of capital. GDRs are final versions, therefore, players should not expect to have the necessary gold until the end of the game.

Uranium is mainly found in the frozen tundra and snow tiles, but it is less likely to fall into almost all of the other tiles. To exploit it, factions will need a mine. The resource was introduced in A threatening storm to power nuclear power plants and the nuclear submarine. It can also be used as a weapon in the form of nuclear weapons. Relevant GDR statistics are included below:

  • Melee force: 130
  • Force at a distance: 120
  • Vary: 3
  • Movement: 5

Giant Death Mech Improvements

Civ 6 Giant Death Robots attacking a city

Getting the giant death robot is all well and good. Gamers, however, shouldn’t ignore the handful of upgrades available for the RDA. Technologies that can be researched in the era of the future have a direct impact on RDMs, including:

  • Improved mobility: +3 Movement
  • Air defense of drones: Air Defense Force increased to 130
  • Particle Beam Siege Cannon: Ranged attacks against towns and camps are 100% effective and gain +30 ranged strength
  • Reinforced armor plating: +10 combat strength when defending against land and naval units

Upgrading Enhanced Mobility requires the Cybernetics Technology. Not only is the movement of the RDA improved, but the upgrade also allows the robot to jump over mountainous terrain. After looking for Advanced AI, the RDA can use the Drone Air Defense upgrade, which provides additional protection against air attacks.

With the Advanced power cells technology, the GDR are equipped with particle siege cannons, which are doubly useful in reducing cities to ashes. Finally, after looking for Smart materials, GDRs are equipped with reinforced armor, which makes them more resistant against enemy navies and ground forces.

RDA strategy

RDA Civ 6

Civilizations can actually get a Free RDA if they are in a golden age just before reaching the information age. There are a ton of different methods of developing a civilization and sustaining a Golden Age.

This section will cover a unique method to trick the system and get over GDR quickly. Surprisingly, Dido of Phenicia is the best option when selecting a civ. The reason it is the best option for this task is that players can move their capital whenever they want, given that they have undertaken a unique project in this city.

Increase production

When a capital is moved, all effects of the capital are then transferred to the new city. The general progression with this empire is not that important. Expanding the empire to different regions will help, but the the key here is to have several functional cities.

By creating several industrial zones, players will be able to accumulate a lot of production. More factories will mean even more production, which is good because it will cost 1,800 productions move the capital. GDRs come at a high cost in terms of production, so more is always better.

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GDR infinite

Once civilizations have the required production and are in a golden age just before the information age, this free RDA can be claimed. By choosing the Dedication to the Automation War, every civilization will get the massive robot. Initiate the change of the Capitol and voila, a new RDA will appear.

This process can be repeated until every city has one. It will take 50 laps for the change to be complete, but the wait will be worth it. Best of all, military stats won’t change, which means AI will be demolished by robots in combat, at least initially. Staying aggressive and hitting while the iron is hot will put unassailable pressure on a faltering opponent.

Using the RDA to overthrow civilizations

RDA Civ 6

The GDR are the most dominant military asset a civilization can have. With the tech tree built, multiple Deathbots can basically do anything. Taking down the infantry is a snap, and players can choose how they want to take down the facilities. Death robots are mobile and can traverse a large part of the terrain without being upgraded. With a full tree, they can walk in water and jump over mountains.

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In addition, once civilizations have reached a sufficient scientific level, they will be able to create GDRs without having to wait 50 turns. On the strategy side, once war is declared, civs can identify an enemy’s most powerful unit and instantly wipe them off the board with their GDRs. The robot rocket artillery has an extended range, making long-range warfare a snap.

Once a city or facility is at half of its health, send the GDRs to take care of them. Before long, even strong enemy alliances will succumb to the will of great Phenicia.

How to defeat a giant death robot

Battle of the GDR from Civ 6

Unsurprisingly, giant death robots aren’t the easiest enemies to defeat. A player’s best chance of destroying an RDA comes before the robot has a chance to incorporate upgrades. A fully upgraded RDA can still be beaten, but the process of doing so is much more difficult.

One solution is to eliminate an RDA with another one RDA, actually fighting fire with fire. Concentrated aerial bombardments can also do the trick, especially if the RDA does not have the Drone Air Defense upgrade. By a similar sign, land armies and artillery can take significant chunks of health from an RDA, especially one without reinforced armor.

It should also be noted that RDAs have a natural resistance to nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons can still inflict damage, but this is not always the most effective method of sending a GDR. Focus as much overwhelming firepower as you can on a single RDA before it gets too much to handle.

Civilization 6 released in 2016 and can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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