How to Embody Chinese Civilization (tips, tricks and strategies)

Chinese civilization in Age of Empires IV is considered one of the most complex and difficult to master. For those who do, it is very versatile.

There are a lot of different civilizations available to players when playing Age of Empires IV. Each civilization has its own strengths, weaknesses and evolutions throughout the game. These generally tend each civilization towards a certain Age of empires style of play that suits their unique elements. Accordingly, it is important to know what each civilization has to work with.

Chinese civilization is known as one of the most complex civilizations in the Age of empires. This is largely due to their Dynasties – a mechanism only available to the Chinese. These add a bit of versatility with the various bonuses they offer, but they also take some effort to take advantage of. Due to the unique mechanics of Chinese civilization, they can be a bit more difficult to master than others as their path to victory is a bit more open.


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With the complexity comes some advantages. Those who can familiarize themselves with how Chinese civilization works and how best to develop it have arguably the most versatile civilization possible. This means that they have the potential to adapt better to the actions of other players or to certain resource issues that arise throughout the game. They also grow quickly and can start a bit faster than most other civilizations.

How to play Chinese civilization in Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires 4 Chinese Civilization

The first thing that Age of empires players should consider their starting bonus when playing any civilization. Chinese Civilization starts the game with additional villagers, which can provide more starting military power. Additionally, villagers can build defenses 50% faster, and they can build normal buildings twice as fast as they normally do. This means that early game growth is a bit easier than Chinese growth, but players need to use these perks in a very targeted way in order to be able to take advantage of Dynasties.

In Age of empires, civilizations will build a monument to progress in each of the four ages. Chinese civilization can however build two monuments per age, and the second will give them an additional bonus by entering them into a dynasty. This is unique to Chinese civilization, and their bonuses are as follows:

  • Tang Dynasty: Scouts gain + 30% line of sight.
  • Song Dynasty: Villager production time reduced by 35%. Unlocks the Zhuge Nu unit and the Village upgrade. Town: Increases max population by 40.
  • The Yuan Dynasty: Villagers, officials, and military units gain + 15% speed. Unlocks the Fire Lancer and Granary building. Attic: Villagers can drop food in this building. Improves the collection rate of nearby villagers’ farm by 15% (stackable). Generates a tax each time a resource is deposited.
  • Ming Dynasty: Military units gain + 10% health. Unlock the Grenadier and the Pagoda. Pagoda: A relic can be placed in the pagoda. Once placed, the structure generates 50 Food, Wood, Gold, and Stone every 30 seconds. Generates tax over time.

Build additional monuments in Age of empires cost additional resources, so players need to identify which dynasties they want to get the bonuses for at the start of the game. Ultimately, the goal of Chinese civilization is to unlock gunpowder. This discovery and the units that come with it unlock the biggest spike in power players can enjoy. This is where the Chinese Dynasty players will want to step up to the metal and start putting pressure on other civilizations as hard as they can.

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Age of Empires 4 is available now on PC.

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