Hart ready to meet community expectations

Following the municipal election results, Ward 18 Alderman Heather Hart is ready to face her third term as Councilor and the backlog of service delivery issues with renewed vigor.

Hart received 79.23% of the support from voters in Ward 18.

Hart described his re-election as a “fantastic vote of confidence from the residents.”

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“I am honored to have been re-elected, I have received hundreds of congratulatory messages and I hope I can continue to live up to the expectations of residents.

In addition to being re-elected, Hart said receiving the title of alderman at the last meeting of Ekurhuleni city council, before the election, was special.

Hart was one of the many advisers who received the title of alderman.

She said the title is presented to advisers in recognition of their hard work and who have met the aldermen policy requirements.

While grateful to serve her community again, Hart said that since becoming a counselor in 2011, it has become evident that as the service delivery system deteriorated, residents began to rely more on neighborhood counselors to help them with service delivery issues.

“It has imposed a responsibility on us as advisers, which sometimes conflicts with our legislative work.”

Hart said that with the start of her third term, she looks forward to working with the community and finding innovative solutions to address service delivery issues.

Hart hopes to focus on several major projects she has highlighted in addition to the daily service delivery complaints she receives.

The first on the list is the renewal of the rehabilitation of the Illiondale wetland.

Hart believes the project, which she started running several years ago, is important because the wetland is one of the few semi-functional wetlands in the Ekurhuleni town region.

“It is a beautiful area that must be preserved,” said Hart.

“If properly rehabilitated and maintained, it can become such an asset to Illiondale and Edenvale. “

Second, is his intention to continue to oppose the development traffic plans of the township of Modderfontein.

The development, which Hart previously described as a mini gated community, is located on Part 36 of Modderfontein 35 IR Farm, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.

Hart explained that if approved, as it stands, the construction of the development could result in an additional 1,000 vehicles on the roads of Illiondale.

“Cecil Awret Road has never been designed for so many vehicles. It is unrealistic. This would destroy the suburb, its infrastructure and create additional traffic. “

Hart is also hoping for advice and direction on what can be done to restore the Horwood farm.

Another project that Hart will lead to implement in Hurlyvale, Highway Gardens and Buurendal is the implementation of the stormwater master plan.

She said the plan, which includes rehabilitating the St Andrew Road Bridge, building several mitigation ponds and rehabilitating stormwater infrastructure, was proposed several years ago but was held back by a lack of budget.

Last on its list of priority projects is to pay attention to the Edenvale sports grounds.

“With the help of the community, I want to rejuvenate the sports fields to the conditions of the community.”
She pointed out that the new tenants of the skatepark are a welcome addition to the municipal land.

Other projects are underway for the sports fields, including the construction of an indoor basketball court and a pumping track.

In addition to the large projects identified by Hart, she will continue to deal with day-to-day service delivery complaints, ranging from water leaks, potholes, homelessness, street sweeping and traffic. illegal use of land.

Hart can be contacted on 082 902 1834 or [email protected] Where [email protected]

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