Gray Highlands council considering new policy to recognize community achievements

“It’s so important to recognize our volunteers and all the great work they do,” said Mayor Paul McQueen.

Gray Highlands Council is working to implement a new proclamation policy.

At its Committee of the Whole meeting held on April 27, council took a first look at the policy and feedback from councilors was favourable.

The draft Proclamation Policy presented to Council by staff reads as follows:

“Proclamations are a way to recognize the efforts and commitment of individuals and organizations in Gray Highlands who improve our community. The purpose of this policy is to provide a standard for which applications for proclamations received by the municipality are processed and issued in recognition of events, achievements and activities that are significant to Gray Highlands.

The report received favorable comments from Board members.

“Are we focusing on roads and bridges and that’s it? I believe that municipal administration has evolved. I am very happy with this policy,” said Councilor Danielle Valiquette.

Councilor Cathy Little suggested that in addition to a proclamation policy, council also consider establishing a process to recognize community volunteers and civic achievements.

“At Gray Highlands, we are very fortunate to have the number of community volunteers we have,” said Little. “It would be really nice to have a separate policy and program and initiative on an annual basis.”

Michele Harris, Director of Community and Economic Development, explained that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gray Highlands was working on implementing a volunteer recognition program. Discussion and planning have been put on hold due to the pandemic.

Mayor Paul McQueen said now is a good time to start planning a community volunteer recognition event.

“It’s a great idea that we should go ahead with,” McQueen said. “It’s so important to recognize our volunteers and all the great work they do. »

Harris promised a future report with some options for the board to consider.

The committee voted in favor of a draft proclamation policy and staff report on options for a volunteer and citizen recognition event to present to the board for consideration at a future meeting.