Goa: Leak in Mormugao Municipality building after pre-monsoon showers | Goa News

VASCO: Pre-monsoon showers accompanied by gusty winds caused leaks in the ceiling of the administrative section of the Mormugao City Council building, causing inconvenience to staff and the public.
Renovation and restoration work on the existing Mormugao Municipality building, worth Rs 9 crore, is progressing at a snail’s pace. With the pre-monsoon thunderstorms for two days, the roofs and ceilings of the municipality building have already given way to rainwater dripping inside the shacks and offices of the municipality.
On Friday morning, the cabins of the general manager and the president of the municipality were flooded with rainwater. The tempered false ceiling is also close to giving way.
The situation is similar to the Janata Library where part of the ceiling has already fallen with books soaked by rainwater. The public counters for birth and death certificates and payment of housing tax are covered with plastic.
The chairman of the municipality, Damodar Kaskar, said: “The contractor from the Goa State Urban Development Agency had promised to move us somewhere else and then resume work, but instead of doing that, he immediately started the ceiling work which triggered the leak.