GIS Qatar is one of the most advanced centers in the region and the world

HE the Minister of Municipalities Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie, affirmed that the Ministry’s GIS Center is one of the most advanced centers not only regionally but also globally, and this is clear from the international community. the awards it has won at prestigious conferences and destinations around the world, and the great role it has played in providing numerous services to different parts of the country.
HE the Minister said, in press releases, after attending the opening of a workshop organized by the ministry represented by the GIS Center in cooperation with Al-Mannai Corporation and the American company Esri, which was attended by more than 200 specialists and experts in this field belonging to more than 60 entities operating in the country.
Through the center, the Ministry of Municipality has helped to meet the high demand for updated and accurate data related to geographical locations, due to the continuous development of infrastructure in the State of Qatar and in view of the organization of the Cup FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, as well as in the implementation of the Qatar National Vision 2030.
His Excellency highlighted the many tools provided by the center, especially those related to planning, design, asset management and infrastructure, which saves a lot of time and effort, allows different parties to interconnect more efficiently and increases the efficiency of private enterprise, whether in project engineering or urban planning or the implementation of infrastructure in the country, indicating that the center provides multiple services, data and information, and there are many proposals for applications that the authorities benefit from during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which have been discussed in this workshop.
His Excellency stressed that the importance of the workshop organized by the ministry on geospatial technology comes from the fact that it is an opportunity for specialists, researchers and interested people to contribute and discuss progress and the ongoing development in spatial information science and its various real-world related applications in various fields.
For his part, Deputy Director of Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) at the Ministry of Municipality Amer Al Humaidi, said the center is responsible for providing the state’s official maps, whether digital or paper, and is concerned with providing the topographical databases and making them available to all state institutions for use in the creation of databases for each institution, whether these data are on the surface at from buildings, facilities, main or underground roads from infrastructure and other services.
He said the center is working to deliver all of this integrated data in digital form through the National Geographic Information Systems Network to which more than 100 government agencies are connected, helping to facilitate decision-making, for example, in the case of carrying out development work in a region or related to a new region.
Al Humaidi said in press releases on the sidelines of the workshop that the center won 9 international awards in different years at the annual conference organized by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) in the United States. United of America.
Al Humaidi also indicated that the center provides all licenses of GIS software used in the State of Qatar by all state institutions working in this field through a direct contract with the American company Esri and its agent in Qatar Al -Mannai Corporation, adding that the center organizes training courses for all state institutions through the specialized and accredited training center located there.
On the relationship between the organization of the workshop and the host country of the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022, Deputy Director of Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) at the Ministry of Municipality Amer Al Humaidi said that Qatar is about to host the World Cup, and organizing an event like this requires managing the movement of fans and knowing the stadiums and all the necessary data about them, because the center will provide updated digital maps day of the country to be accessible to the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy to make their plans based on this information. This makes it easier to make decisions regarding the management of the stadium and the creation of events in different areas depending on the spaces available.”
He noted that the workshop saw the participation of representatives of various state institutions to participate in the presentation of their latest projects and applications, learn about the latest technologies in this regard, the future vision of this system and know our current location, where we are going and development paths.
During the workshop, an expert from the American global company Esri gave a speech on the occasion of GIS Technology Day. This was followed by several technical presentations from the GIS Center of the Ministry of Municipality, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’, the Communications Regulatory Authority, the Qatar Computer Research Institute (QCRI) from Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), from the Department of Infrastructure Planning (IPD) to the Ministry of Municipality and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, all of which illustrate the level of progress achieved by these institutions in the applications and uses of geographic information systems in the State of Qatar, in addition to users of one of the famous applications of the GIS Center (Al Murshid).
The presentation presented by the GIS Center of the Ministry of Municipality during the workshop included the presentation of the requirements for the construction of digital geographic databases for the State of Qatar in accordance with international technical specifications. He also discussed the capabilities available at the center, which have been enhanced by the adoption of the mobile scanning system and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) over the past two years, and how these tools have contributed to the implementation. many requirements of different state institutions.
The presentation also clarified the new developments in that the center of the Ministry of Municipality owns the aerial survey system, which contains a pilot aircraft specialized in aerial survey work and is equipped with appropriate aerial cameras and lidar scanners for remote sensing.
The system has actually started working in the past four months, the aerial survey of Qatar and Halul Island has been completed. Aerial images are currently being processed to produce the corrected images with 20 cm accuracy and updated linear data and make them available to all state institutions during the month of July to meet the FIFA Qatar 2022 event requirements.
It should be noted that the GIS Center is affiliated to the Ministry of Municipality, Amir’s Resolution No. 36 of 2009 defined the departments and functions of the center, which consists of four sections: Topographic Survey Section; Mapping and Archiving Services Section; Planning and Projects Section; Geographic Systems Services Section.
Regarding the specializations of the center, it will be competent to: provide basic geographical maps of the country and related services in coordination with the competent authorities of the country, establish and maintain horizontal and vertical national geodetic networks and related services, in addition to providing connection services and maintenance of the digital topographic database. It also includes carrying out studies and research necessary for the development of geographic information systems and a global positioning system.
Regarding the State of Qatar aerial survey project, HE the Minister of Municipality said that this project is one of the works that the ministry carries out periodically through the Center for Geographic Information Systems, where data Accurate digital updates are produced periodically.
His Excellency added that the ministry had recently invested in the purchase of a specialized aerial photography aircraft which includes the latest high-resolution cameras and systems, which gives live data to users on all sides and helps specialists in urban planning, infrastructure engineers and various agencies. to carry out their work.
For his part, the Director of the Center for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) of the Ministry of Municipality Manaf Al Sada, considered this workshop as an important opportunity to contribute to helping the community understand the impact of advances in mechanical sciences information on applications related to the real world in various fields, integrating the intelligence of geographic information into decision-making operations, as it helps to build an efficient, connected and intelligent society while improving the quality of life in an environment of growth and innovation, explaining that GIS is a scientific framework for collecting, analyzing and displaying geographic data to help make better decisions.