Full version of Civilization VI comes to Android, and it’s free to try

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It was an unexpected but pleasant surprise when mobile developer Aspyr released a full port of Civilization VI on the iPad two years ago. Sadly, Android fans have been left behind. Now Aspyr has surprised us again with an Android version of the game. It’s not one of those Revolution-branded mobile versions of Civ – it’s the full game on your phone or tablet, and you can. try it for free now.

The Civilization series debuted in the early 90s, quickly becoming the benchmark for turn-based strategy video games. The formula has been refined over the years with the addition of religion, larger city centers, and more ways for Gandhi to neutralize your cities. Everything is in the Android version, which looks and works a lot like the full PC edition.

As with all other Civ games, the goal is to found and expand your civilization until you can successfully defeat all other players. You can do this at the tip of a spear with a Dominance victory, sliding Earth’s surly bonds with a Scientific victory, or with one of the many other victory conditions. How you play Civilization VI is completely up to you, and that freedom means there’s a lot more complexity than your average mobile game.

After playing a few dozen rounds, Civ VI on Android seems very close to the PC version. You still get all of the menus, options, leaders, reports, units, wonders, and other content that made Civ VI so popular. Some of the animations have been removed or simplified, and the frame rate appears to be locked in at 30 fps. I played the game on a tablet (yes Android tablets still exist), but the UI is very dense even on a 10 inch screen. If you intend to play the game on a phone, it should be important.

Performance wise, everything went well with a Snapdragon 855. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the games load. However, I cannot confirm that this will be the case at the end of the game. Even a powerful computer (or the iPad, for that matter) can get a bit slow with a map fully revealed and plenty of civilizations vying for domination.

You can try the first 60 rounds of Civilization VI for free. After that, it’s a $ 20 in-app purchase for the full version. Both game expansions are also available, but they are even more expensive. Rise and Fall is $ 30 and Gathering Storm is $ 40. Everything comes at the cost of a PC game, but the experience may not be up to par unless you have a big, powerful Android device.

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