Ex-CEO sues municipality for N $ 17 million

WALVIS BAY – Former Walvis Bay Municipality CEO Muronga Haingura is suing the council for N $ 17.9 million for loss of earnings after his personality was allegedly vilified by his suspension.

Haingura, through lawyers for Metcalfe and Beukes, informed council on Wednesday of his intention.

Haingura was suspended last December for about eight months to pave the way for a forensic investigation into the alleged embezzlement and irregularities of the Massive Urban Land Servicing project.

The Board initiated the suspension to pave the way for a forensic investigation by the audit firm PwC.

However, the contents of the report were never shared due to an agreement between the board and PwC.

“Preliminary details require this action. Extensive publicity of your baseless allegations that our client has embezzled N $ 24 million, followed in the media by malicious statements by council members to verify the veracity of such lies displayed in the media. Genuine public persecution has been carried out with the assent of board members and staff, adding fuel to this frenzy of alleged fraud by our client, ”the attorneys’ letter read.

According to them, a “secret” forensic report was provided at a cost of N $ 6 million for work performed by auditors from February 19, 2021 to its provision on July 21, 2021 to the acting CEO, but did not. could discern any misappropriation by their client.

“Our client is committed at all times to assist ACC in their investigation of their alleged embezzlement. He, despite no statement about his alleged embezzlement by the council, was reinstated. Before this reinstatement, the board had already decided not to renew his employment contract, ”the letter indicates.

According to lawyers, Haingura became unemployed at the age of 57 with a retirement age of 65 due to the defamatory lie spread by the town council and suffered losses of N $ 17 million. His second term as CEO ended in November of this year.

He has been CEO since 2011.

Mayor Trevino Forbes and chairman of the management committee Richard Hoaeb had no knowledge of the letter that was to be delivered by the sheriff.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of this,” Forbes said yesterday.

2021-12-17 Eveline de Klerk

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