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Canadian-U.S. Video game designer and developer Sid Meier spearheaded the creation of the 1991 turn-based strategy video game Civilization. Since then it has spawned an acclaimed franchise that is arguably the best strategy game series with Age of empires. With the six games, Civilization includes links like a variety of expansion packs, two board games, and spin-off games.

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Gameplay includes establishing a civilization from scratch in time periods as diverse as prehistoric times and the future. Players can develop their colonies through military conquests and technological developments. Most of its parameters are historically accurate, representing the socio-political and religious contexts of each timeline.

8 Civilization: Beyond Earth (2014)

Civilization game beyond Earth

The Civilization the franchise’s obsession with the Alpha Centauri star system was evident in Sid Meier’s non-canon game in 1999 Alpha Centauri which took place in the 22nd century. Developed in the same vein, Beyond the earth unfolds as a spiritual sequel advancing the game’s sci-fi concepts.

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Unlike other games in the series, Beyond the earth only takes place in the distant future with players colonizing other planets as Earth has become uninhabitable. Instead of historical rulers, choices are made on the basis of particular sponsors of space expeditions. Players can rely on specific space vehicles to land on planets and create customizable civilizations. An expansion pack called Rising tide improved diplomacy features and introduced “floating cities” in its aquatic gameplay.

7 Revolution of Civilizations (2008)

Civilization Revolution gameplay with Otto Von Bismarck

A majority of Civilization the games end with the space race or complete domination over others. Civilization revolution paved the way for two more victories. The player can either form a United Nations Wonder (after capturing 20 Great Personalities / Wonders) or a World Bank Wonder (after obtaining 20,000 Gold). The rulers that one can choose from include historical greats such as Napoleon, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln.

Apart from consoles like the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo DS, Civilization revolution was also available on iOS and Windows Phone.

6 Civilization (1991)

An image from the Civilization video game

Following the success of games like Railroad tycoon and Pirates, Sid Meier designed his magnum opus for MS-DOS on PC. However, given its cult status, Civilization was then ported to other platforms like the Sony PlayStation and the Super NES. A major success for developer and publisher MicroProse, the game has established itself as a pioneer in the strategy genre.

From 4100 BC, players can control civilizations and form alliances with other cultures until the year 2100. As for winning the game, the winner can either conquer all civilizations or win the space race. modern day by chartering the Alpha Centauri star system.

5 Civilization II (1996)

Civilization II gameplay

Rather than using the conventional top-down view of the first game, Civilization II was based on a more interactive isometric perspective. Another difference in strategy development is the increased emphasis on trade and diplomacy rather than just building military relationships. The game was accompanied by expansions Conflicts of civilization and Test of time which provided additional campaigns and several maps.

The deciding factor for victory in the game is to be the last surviving civilization or to outrun other civilizations to reach the Alpha Centauri (much like its predecessor).

4 Civilization V (2010)

Civilization V gameplay

Civilization V marked a major turning point for the franchise as square grid maps were replaced with hexagonal grids, adding a more geographically precise feel to the game. The combat system was changed to allow colonies to defend themselves directly by shooting at them. enemies nearby. This method replaced the old strategy of stacking military units.

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Two expansion packs were released in the early 2010s. A new and better world added nine new civilizations with more emphasis on international trade. Some fans have complained Civilization Vthe lack of religious and spy elements that were later added with the 2012 expansion pack dubbed Gods and kings.

3 Civilization III (2001)

Civilization 3 cover

Unlike the first two games, Civilization III was designed by Jeff Briggs with Meier as director instead. A new feature was the introduction of culture which could have a significant impact on the expansion of a city. The influence of each city increases with its specific cultural dimension. In this way, establishing cultural hegemony over other civilizations can prove to be a peaceful way to expand influences instead of military campaigns.

The game’s expansions have made some significant additions in terms of new historical settings. For example, version 2003 Conquests introduced the Mayan, Mesopotamian, Byzantine and Sumerian civilizations and so on.

2 Civilization VI (2016)

Winner of the Game Awards 2016 for best strategy game, Civilization VI introduces several new civilizations while introducing new rulers for existing ones. With a visual style strongly reminiscent of the age of discovery, the game has retained Civilization Vhexagonal grid maps. The gameplay also allowed cities to be less crowded, as facilities such as military units can be built in separate tiles as opposed to the main city tiles.

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The game was widely acclaimed and is the final installment of the game’s main series. It came with two expansions, Rise and fall and A threatening storm. Both expansions have led to the addition of new Wonders, Rulers, and Civilizations and have received equally positive reviews.

1 Civilization IV (2005)

Civilization IV gameplay

Outside of the gameplay, Civilization IV is notable for winning a Grammy Award. Fan favorite title song Baba Yetou was composed by Christopher Tin and performed by Ron Ragin and the Stanford Talism. It went on to win a Grammy for Best Instrument Arrangement, the very first piece of video game music to achieve this feat.

As for the technical characteristics of the game, Civilization IV was the first game in the series to focus on religion as a tool of control. Non-military units were also significantly improved with settlers capable of discovering and establishing new towns and spies capable of espionage and counterintelligence. In visual terms, the 3D graphics were also seen as a welcome update over its predecessors.

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