Empowering the community – Regional council approves Durham nuclear sector strategy

Whitby, Ontario – At a Regional Council meeting on December 22, members endorsed the Durham nuclear sector strategy. Empowering the Community: The Durham Region Nuclear Sector Strategy 2022-2032 will enable Durham Region to seize opportunities and take action to support a thriving and sustainable community.

The newly approved strategy will play a critical role in helping the region advance four of its strategic priorities, including environmental sustainability, community vitality, economic prosperity and service excellence.

The Durham Nuclear Sector Strategy will help the region prepare for the upcoming changes in the nuclear sector as large projects take off and federal policy changes are implemented. By allowing the region to navigate and take advantage of its unique position as Canada’s clean energy capital, this strategy will play an important role in achieving its goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions from Canada. by 2050.

More information on Durham’s nuclear sector strategy will be available in the coming weeks. Stay up to date by visiting and subscribing to durham.ca/Nuclear.


“Durham Region is a global center of nuclear expertise, with a strong group of organizations and institutions supporting nuclear energy. This strategy positions us very well to ensure that we are prepared and proactive for all changes and opportunities in the industry. We are delighted to play a leadership role in the nuclear industry in Canada.

– John Henry, Regional President and CEO, Regional Municipality of Durham

“The construction of Canada’s first small modular grid reactor at Darlington means enormous economic opportunity in Clarington, Durham and across Ontario and Canada. Clarington and Durham have long paved the way for clean and safe nuclear power generation, and the Durham nuclear sector strategy will ensure that we continue to be a leader in this field while benefiting locally from jobs and economic growth accompanying this innovative project.

– Adrian Foster, Mayor, Municipality of Clarington

“For many years, the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station has served Ontarians, providing clean, reliable power to the province. As the end of commercial operations nears, Pickering and the region as a whole have the opportunity to become a world leader in nuclear research and innovation. The regional strategy for the nuclear sector will help us identify new opportunities in this exciting and essential area.

– David Ryan, Mayor, City of Pickering

“In our Climate change plan, OPG is committed to achieving Net Zero as a business by 2040 and to act as a catalyst for the decarbonization of the wider economy by 2050, and clean nuclear power is one tools that will help us achieve this goal. The $ 12.8 billion Darlington refurbishment project and our recent announcement to build a small modular reactor in Darlington will strengthen Durham’s place as Canada’s clean energy capital while attracting jobs durable and high quality in the region. We are pleased that Durham Region has made the nuclear sector a key priority through this strategy.

– Steve Gregoris, Vice-President, Darlington Nuclear, Ontario Power Generation

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