Egypt brings its urban area to 13.7% in 2021, most cities are aging

CAIRO – December 29, 2021: Egypt has succeeded in increasing the urban area to 13.7% of the total area of ​​the Egyptian state in 2021, against only 7% in 2014, according to Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing .

Gazzar said in a statement released Tuesday evening that Egypt is on track to meet the urban area target for 2052, which represents 14% of the country’s total land area; Thanks to the national strategic plan, which aims to double the Egyptian population.

The minister added that most Egyptian cities have aged, without paying attention to their condition, as the diseases of aging urbanization mean an inability to perform its function, weak infrastructure, lack of control over haphazard growth and a slow urbanization, which increases the chances of extension on agricultural land, which leads to the emergence of ugly urbanization, hence the contribution of new societies to the reform of the urban system.

“The new urbanization is like a son who will help the elderly. Each new urban community has a role to play at the scale of declining cities, and they have become incapable of fulfilling their function, and while new urbanization is playing the basic and required role of urbanization, it at the same time allows time to the old existing architecture, which has been affected by aging, to recover, ”he added.

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