East Ferris Community Center opens Tuesday for fully vaccinated


The East Ferris Community Center will open its doors on Tuesday, October 12. Located at 1267 Village Road in Astorville, the center houses both an arena and a curling rink, as well as a banquet hall and kitchen.

Meeting room and meeting space are also available, and all facilities are available for hire and can be arranged. booked online.

The municipality has issued a vaccination policy, citing “all customers entering” the community center and arena are “required to provide proof of being fully vaccinated against Covid-19”, as well as proof of identity .

Municipal policy was developed in accordance with provincial restrictions.

Full proof of vaccination must be provided by all clients and players over the age of 18. The same goes for all spectators aged 12 and over.

All coaches, officials and volunteers are also required to provide proof of vaccination

“If a person chooses not to share this information,” explains the municipality, “they will not be allowed to enter the facility. “

“These requirements were legislated by the Province of Ontario, and we must enforce them.”

The municipality reminds residents that “questioning the staff for having requested this information will be considered as harassment and could result in a ban on entering the establishment in the future”.

There are exceptions. Workers, contractors, delivery people, inspectors and others who need to enter the building for work purposes (not as customers) are allowed.

A customer entering to make a retail purchase or to purchase a ticket can enter.

Children under 12 can also enter, same applies to those aged 12 to 17 who “enter the arena to participate in a scheduled match / training and not as a spectator of said match / training” .

Customers can also provide proof of medical exemption provided by a physician or registered nurse “in the extended class, RNEC, NP”.

A piece of identification will also be required when presenting proof of exemption.

The accepted pieces of identification for proof of vaccination and exemptions are a birth certificate, citizenship card, driver’s license, health card or Indian status card / Aboriginal membership card .

Passports and permanent resident cards are also acceptable.

The municipality still applies capacity limits within the center and masking and physical distancing will continue to apply. A client’s contact details will also be collected.

Residents are invited to contact the community center at 705 752-3566 for any questions.


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