Douglasdale Business and Residents Forum wants those responsible for community garden destruction to pay

Douglasdale Business and Residents Forum President Susan Mottram described the destruction of a community garden at the corner of Douglasdale Drive and Leslie Avenue, allegedly by an entrepreneur, as a lack of respect for the community and disregard for the bylaws of the city.

Mottram said a contractor commissioned to erect a large billboard around the corner destroyed the 13-year-old community garden.

President of the Douglasdale Business and Residents Forum, Susan Mottram looks after the garden. Photo: Nduduzo Nxumalo

“We, the members of the community, planted these gardens 13 years ago and have maintained them during that time, devoting our money, our hours and our attention, willingly and with pleasure. The contractors decimated our garden to put up a huge billboard, which I’m sure the community doesn’t want there. They pulled up and took our plants to install a gigantic frame. We have a passage [written permission from the City] for the two gardens at this intersection, ”she said

Partly destroyed community garden at the corner of Douglasdale Drive and Leslie Avenue. Photo: Supplied

She added that whoever was responsible for the destruction would have to pay to restore the garden at their own expense. “I am working with our local councilor Chris Santana and Mark van der Merwe, the ward committee member, to address this issue. The proposed billboard is under investigation by the municipality‘s outdoor advertising department and JMPD to see if a permit has been obtained for its installation.

Mottram urged community members to join forces with the forum to hold those responsible for the destruction.

This is a developing story, more information will be posted as it becomes available.

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