Do you have a housing solution for Lot 1 of Community Lands?


The property of nearly 1.9 hectares (just over 4.5 acres), has no water or sewer service, and is not subdivided

Housing is a bigger issue than ever in Bowen, and one year into office, Bowen Island Municipality Council wants to see what housing options are.

BIM invites “non-profit housing providers, developers, community organizations or partnerships of any or all of these entities” to propose a housing project on Lot 1 Zone 2 of Community Lands (West side of Carter Road, past Belterra before the fork to Camp Bow-Isle.)

The property of nearly 1.9 hectares (just over 4.5 acres), has no water or sewer service, and is not subdivided. It’s zoned for a maximum of 20 attached dwelling units, but a BIM press release said rezoning for higher density may be an option. The 20-unit zoning stems from recommendations from the Mayor’s Standing Committee on Community Land from the previous council, which found 20 to be a reasonable number given the site’s constraints, BIM’s director of planning and development said. , Daniel Martin. “There are some steep areas and the need for a septic tank to maintain it and the need to set back from the ALR terrain.” But by growing the demand for expressions of interest, the board left the door open for ideas for more units (but that would trigger a rezoning.)

This decision is not the result of specific surveys, but rather of the council that wants to generate more diverse housing on Bowen, Martin said. It is also the community land which is zoned for densified housing and which is easily demarcated from other municipal plots.

While Martin is not aware that BIM has issued such development water test calls like this in the past, other municipalities, such as Vancouver and Coquitlam, have been known to send requests for development water testing. expression of interest in projects that cities are interested in pursuing.

We can find more details on the BIM website. The closing date is November 10.


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