Div Com appreciates the improvement of the overall Safai in all municipalities, including SMC

On Friday, Divisional Commissioner (Div Com) Kashmir Pandurang K Pole appreciated the improvement in overall Safai across all municipalities, including SMC, and urged officers to do more to end plastic pollution.

The Div Com expressed these views while chairing a meeting here to review the report on measures taken for solid waste management and the progress of various departments towards ending plastic waste.

On occasion, relevant IofC officers have maintained that there is no polyethylene production unit in the valley and that the department has established twenty-five alternative plastic manufacturing units in the past two months. , and that 150 of these units already exist.

RDD officers reported that one thousand main villages have been identified for solid waste management for which land will be transferred very soon.

School and college officials have argued that science-based pits have been built for institutions’ biodegradable waste.

Meanwhile, Div Com issued several instructions to relevant officers to stop plastic pollution in the surrounding area.

He asked IofC to set up two entrepreneur start-up units in each district for the production of alternatives to polyethylene and plastic.

He ordered relevant departments to start a random check of tunnel trucks and confiscate plastic imported into the valley.

He further requested RDD to hold a meeting of the overpanes and panches of all the villages along the roads to the tourist destinations to clean them from waste.

Also, he warned any local urban body for dumping garbage and waste on the highways.

In regards to the polluters who must pay policy, Div Com has ordered all companies producing and selling milk to take back their plastic or face action.

In the meantime, he was informed that the dairy company Snow Cap collected 43,000 packets of milk from consumers and provided the milk in return.

He also ordered the parties to conduct a market audit of plastic wholesalers and retailers and impose a fine.

He emphasized the cleanup of water bodies and urged senior high schools and colleges to adopt water bodies and employ students in cleanup activities.

In addition, Div Com also asked them to submit geotagged photos of school eco-club activities.

He gave instructions to the DCs for the transfer of land to RDD for the management of solid waste in the villages.

In addition, he asked the SMC to issue fines to departments that lay construction materials on roads and trails.

Div Com insisted on posting signs regarding cleanliness and Swachch Bharat at prominent places.

He called on SMC to scan trash and hold companies accountable for the waste their products produce, in addition to asking them to ensure that biomedical waste is disposed of by hospitals appropriately and not mixed with waste. ordinary.