Dedications at the Backus-Page House Museum honor a beloved community volunteer

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The Backus-Page House Museum was a busy site with two events on May 14.

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The first was a guided birding hike called Wings of the Wetlands along the Storey Wetlands Trail with guides Chris Leys and Marg Hulls from the West Elgin Nature Club.

For $35, participants were treated to a guided hike, access to the museum and lunch.

The bench dedicated to Elaine Brown with a plaque inscription reading “Elaine (Pearce) Brown 1943-2021”. Victoria Acres photo jpg, US

Hikes were scheduled at different times of the day.

One hiker said, “Nice day for a hike.”

Another added: “We saw so many birds on the hike thanks to our guide.”

The event was also partly related to the second event, as Elaine Brown was said to love nature.

The second event was the dedication of a bench and a sugar maple in honor of Brown, an incredibly involved community member – who passed away on November 6, 2021.

About 60 people attended the dedication ceremony to commemorate and celebrate his life and contributions to the community. As one of the speakers at the inauguration, Deputy Mayor Mike Hentz, said, “it’s important to do these things for the community, to bring people together and celebrate the life of Elaine Brown and the family. Brown”.

Brown fondly remembered. One participant said, “She was my kindergarten teacher at West Elgin Senior Elementary School (WESES) so many years ago.

She was also a member of the “museum family” and Debra Webster of the Backus-Page House Museum said, “Elaine was loved by everyone.”

Reverend Andrew Thompson of Knox-St. Andrews Church led the service.

Elaine’s daughter, Coralee, said: “Her passion, creativity and involvement in her community will be missed. Thank you for being there and creating that special memory of her through that tree and that bench – she would have loved that.

Brown was a member of the Knox-St. Andrews Church, teacher, member of the Heritage Society, Wallacetown Fair Board, member of the West Elgin Nature Club, helped with Meals on Wheels and transportation, and helped at the Backus-Page House Museum.

She also played the organ at Arn Funeral Home.

The Town of Dutton Dunwich Heritage Committee donated the tree and bench with plaques reading “In Memory of Elaine (Pearce) Brown 1943-2021”.