Community projects in Guysborough and Chéticamp receive federal funding

GUYSBOROUGH, NS – Certain public areas in the Municipality of the District of Guysborough will be refreshed with funding from the federal government.

The federal government on Friday announced $103,781 in funding to the municipality to improve Main Street in Canso as well as the downtown park and riverfront areas.

The project will see the creation of new signage at the entrance to the community and along the main street corridor.

Sailor’s Rest will also see improvements, including new signage and the removal of vegetation.

A Stan Rogers-themed geocaching experience will also be created to encourage residents to explore the community.

Meanwhile, in Cape Breton, the Cheticamp Retirees Club will receive $24,044 in funding to create additional usable space on the lower level of the building to accommodate more than one group at a time.

The funds will also be used to install a heat pump for effective temperature control. The upgrades will help operators attract events, thus contributing to its sustainability.

The Club des Retraites de Chéticamp, located in a former school acquired in 1977, is a club for retirees that offers a meeting space for seniors to participate in recreational activities.