Community Housing Plans Survey, Vision for Future Development

GUILFORD, CT – The Regional Council of South Central Governments (SCRCOG), which brings together local governments to coordinate municipal services, transportation and land use planning programs for its 15 member municipalities, announces the start of a housing survey for residents.

Why is SCRCOG investigating?

This survey is part of SCRCOG’s efforts to help each municipality create housing plans in accordance with Section 8-30j of the State of Connecticut Bylaws, which requires each municipality to create and amend an Affordable Housing Survey in the State of Connecticut. at least once every five years. This survey aims to help identify perceptions and realities of housing affordability, suitability and challenges within each community.

“Housing plans must take into account the community‘s vision for its future development,” said Mr. Carl Amento, Executive Director of SCRCOG. “This is why the Housing Survey is so important, it offers all members of every SCRCOG community the opportunity to give their opinion on how future residential development should be created. The Housing Survey asks residents to provide feedback on important housing issues.

How can I participate in the survey?

The survey is offered in two formats, online and in print with options for English and Spanish. The online survey is available at and the following URL address:, and will be open from September 14 to October 15, 2021. Individual responses will remain confidential and allow SCRCOG to create a housing plan sensitive to the needs and concerns of all residents. Printed versions are available on request.

For more information or to request a paper version of the housing survey, please contact Eugene Livshits, SCRCOG Senior Regional Planner, by email at [email protected] or by phone at 203-466-8626.

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