CMC urges Ministry of Municipalities to review construction standards


The Central Municipal Council (CMC) yesterday recommended to the Ministry of the Municipality to study the possibility of reviewing the existing construction norms and standards in order to reduce the setbacks of citizens’ houses from three meters to two.

Houses generally have a setback from the property line, so they cannot be placed close to each other. Setbacks can also allow utilities to access utility buildings and meters.
CMC members have been studying this issue for some time in order to find the best solutions to maximize the benefits of available land while respecting established planning conditions and regulations adopted for the public good.
The council issued another recommendation to the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) to pay more attention to pedestrian corridors in different neighborhoods and prohibit their misuse for unnamed purposes.
The CMC therefore recommended that Ashghal study the possibility of placing road signs prohibiting vehicles from parking or idling in these places. In addition, concrete barriers should be placed at both ends of these passages to block any potential abuse.
The council made further recommendations to Ashghal regarding the prevention of potential risks from rain pools on both sides of highways. These ponds must be covered by filling them with rubble or by planting certain parts. In addition, Ashghal is expected to maintain cooperation with the Traffic Department regarding safety and security standards in service projects and tree planting on both sides of highways and main streets across the country.
The CMC Services and Utilities Committee visited the Ras Matbakh Aquatic Fisheries Research Center and highly appreciated the efforts. The council recommended that work be done to widen the street and the road leading to the facility, which should adopt a plan for developing the potential of its employees in order to make them capable of managing operations without the support of external professionals. .
At the same ordinary session held yesterday (Tuesday) morning, the council recommended that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry study the possibility of adding new consumer products to the ration of citizens and give them the possibility of opt for alternatives when receiving their rations.


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