Civilization VI (Civ VI) Free Update 6 Brings Back the Trebuchets


The latest updates for Civilization VI (Civilization VI) The New Frontier Pass will arrive soon. The first batch of these updates, as usual, will be free. And the last Civilization VI The new Free Frontier Pass game update will bring back the much-requested Trebuchets. This, along with many cool new additions to the game, is included in Free Game Update 6.


Civilization VI the developers revealed a whole host of free content in April. The most impactful change comes in the form of three new units, available to all civilizations. The fan favorite unit, the Trebuchets, returns after being absent from the vanilla version of the game. The Siege Unit usually replaces the Catapult as the primary means for players to capture towns. This addition, which will likely be placed between the catapult and the bombard, will greatly facilitate the siege in medieval times.

The other two new units to come Civilization VI are the line infantry and the man-at-arms. The line infantry appears to be an improvement over the regular musketeer. The Man-at-Arms, meanwhile, seems to be an intermediary unit between the lancer and the pikeman. These three units all fill a gap in the Military Tech Tree. Their addition essentially improves the militaristic playstyle.


The new free update will also introduce quality of life changes in Civilization VI. It comes in the form of new map seeds, better AI, and rebalanced civilizations and rulers. In the game update teaser released by 2K, two new “True Start” maps have been added: True Start Mediterranean and True Start Huge Earth. They also said the AI ​​has been overhauled to better manage naval units. This should make naval combat and trade much more interesting. Naval changes are indeed welcome especially since the addition of the Portuguese civilization in the last update, a civilization very dependent on the navy.

Finally, the developers also announced some changes in the civilizations and rulers of Civilization VI. Due to the many changes and additions in subsequent updates, fixes and expansions, older civilizations have become very obsolete. Therefore, a much needed update to some civilization mechanics will be introduced. While a full list of changes won’t be known until the update itself is removed, the developers have announced changes for the Mapuche, Chinese, Khmer, and Canadian civilizations.

Civilization VI Free New Frontier Pass Update 6 arrives on April 22, 2021.

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