Civilization 6 could include zombies in the New Frontier Pass

The sixth and final DLC pack for Civilization 6’s New Frontier Pass may include João III and Portugal, as well as a new zombie-themed game mode.

The sixth and last pack of the current one Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass could bring zombies into the game. The New Frontier Pass, the in-game version of a season pass, has released five DLC packs since its launch in May 2020. The packs not only add new rulers and civilizations, but also new game modes, features and more, with each one helping to further enrich the already huge game and give players more ways to win.

The most recent content pack added Vietnam and Kublai Khan, as well as the new Monopoles and Corporations game mode, which was originally introduced in Civilization 4. The optional game mode offers Civilization 6 give players a new way to win the game by using more of the map’s resources to their advantage. While Kublai Khan is the leader featured in the DLC pack, which can be chosen as the alternate leader for China or Mongolia, he also added Bà Triệu as the leader for Vietnam.


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Details of the sixth and final New Frontier Pass DLC pack have been spotted on the SteamDB website by users of the CivFanatics forums. Users pointed out that the achievements of the next pack reveal that not only will João III and Portugal be the leader and civilization featured in the DLC, but a new game mode involving zombies will also be introduced. Some of the achievements that have been spotted include one of controlling a number of zombies at the start of a turn while another requires players to destroy a zombie unit of a specific mutating strength. Another achievement also revealed that traps can also come into play in the new zombie game mode.

The achievements reflect some of what developer Firaxis Games has announced so far for the upcoming DLC ​​pack, which would include a new leader and a new civilization as well as a new game mode. It is not yet clear what the New zombie game mode will include and if it’s related in any way to the battle royale style Red Death game mode released last year, which also involved zombies. But with the launch of the DLC pack this month, Firaxis Games is expected to release more information soon.

Zombies are certainly a big departure from the more realistic and historical themes of Civilization 6 and might not be suitable for those who enjoy this aspect of the game. Fans will have to wait and see how Firaxis Games performs the new mode and how it will affect the game as a whole.

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Civilization 6 is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android.

Source: SteamDB (via CivFanatics)

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