City Council Announces Applications for Community Grants –

As budget season approaches for Portage la Prairie City Council, community organizations are encouraged to submit applications for community grants if they need financial support.

Councilor Preston Meier says they are always interested in working alongside the groups and organizations that make the town successful. He says the goal of these grants is to help make Portage a better place to live, work and play.

“We are extremely interested in working with local organizations to improve and of course enrich the lives of our residents and certainly help many of our community groups,” says Meier. “We are certainly interested in supporting grant applications in order to achieve this goal.”

He adds that the deadline to apply is September 19. Meier says many organizations running programs in the city have benefited from applying for community grants.

“We know there was the Portage Community Revitalization Corporation,” Meier says. “Certainly the library was also part of it. Some community groups such as the Bear Clan were also involved. COPP has looked into this in the past, so a variety of different community organizations are going to benefit.”

You can find all information and application forms for registering community grants here.