Chevy Chase Village is a suburban touch in an urban area

For Allison Marvin, moving to Chevy Chase Village in Montgomery County is a bit of a “back to the future”.

When she and her husband Chris, a software manager at IBM, moved east from San Francisco in 2008, she moved to her hometown, a self-contained 0.4 square mile area just across the city. the District line.

“We just felt far away,” said Allison Marvin, lawyer and art consultant.

While looking for their own home, the couple lived with their parents for three months. When a house they had “looked at from afar” hit the market, the couple jumped at the chance to own it. Whether it was reduced from its original price once or twice has helped.

In 2012, after having two children – now 6 and 4 – they decided they needed a bigger house.

Finding the right spot in Chevy Chase Village was more of a scavenger hunt the second time around. Still, the couple decided they wanted to root more deeply in the community rather than looking elsewhere.

They walked around and drove around to see which houses attracted them. With the village directory in hand, they determined who owned which houses and filed letters to see who might be interested in selling.

“Within days, people started calling and emailing,” Allison Marvin said, and soon they had a new home.

“It was winter, and it’s a low season for the housing market,” she said. “We didn’t want to wait for the ‘right’ house to hit the market – it could take years, and we might face a bidding war, which we wanted to avoid. ”

No need for a car:
Chevy Chase Village was founded as a Washington Streetcar suburb in 1890 by Chevy Chase Land Co. It features a concentration of late 19th and early 20th century architectural styles including Colonial Revival, Neoclassical, the shingle, the Tudor revival, the Italian Renaissance and craftsman, according to the historic Chevy Chase district.

The community was incorporated as a municipality in 1951. It is governed by an elected board of directors of seven members. The members of the council appoint a president and a vice-president. The council is also hiring a village chief.

The Chevy Chase Village Hall, built in 1896, is home to government and activities such as ballet lessons and a toddler group. The village rents space from the US Postal Service to accommodate the Chevy Chase post office.

Allison Marvin and other residents say that Chevy Chase Village has a lot going for them: they have access to over 10 parks, shops in the village and Friendship Heights and public transportation.

“My car stays in my garage for a week at a time,” said Pat Baptiste, co-chair of the Chevy Chase Village board of directors. “There is no reason to withdraw it.”

“It’s passable on foot, but we have courtyards and gardens and all the advantages of the suburbs, but it’s in an urban setting,” added Baptiste, who worked as an appeal lawyer with the Ministry of Justice earlier in his life and lived in the village for 37 years. years.

Plus, said Michael Denger, chairman of the village board, Chevy Chase Village has several amenities – including garbage removal – that residents love. The village has hired a private contractor who removes the garbage twice a week, instead of once a week like in other parts of the county.

Residents don’t have to worry about dragging their trash to the sidewalk, Denger said. They can leave it in the back and the contractor will pick it up there, he said.

Live there:
Chevy Chase Village runs along Western Avenue, which forms the DC Line, to the south and east of the Chevy Chase Club, stretching from Wisconsin Avenue in the southwest to Bradley Lane in the north and just beyond Primrose Street in the north -is.

The village has been trying for 25 years to get the state to install a traffic light on Connecticut Avenue near the town hall because of the traffic. Two-thirds of the homes were designated as part of the Chevy Chase Historic District in 1998.

According to Redfin, there are four homes on the market in Chevy Chase Village. They range from a six-bedroom, five-bathroom home for $ 2,449,000 to a five-bedroom, four-bathroom home for $ 1,495,000.

The entrance to the Chevy Chase village hall is shown. (Evy Mages / FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Chevy Chase Elementary, Westland Middle, and Bethesda-Chevy Chase High.

The Friendship Heights station on the subway red line is just southwest of Chevy Chase Village, making it about a 25-minute walk to the part of the neighborhood east of Connecticut Avenue. The L8 Metrobus departs from the station along Western Avenue, then north on Connecticut Avenue.

The main crime in the village is theft, according to the authorities. There were 10 reports of theft and attempted theft in the first quarter of 2015, Denger said.

Harriet edleson is a freelance writer.

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