With the phrase “TRIPOLI – Cradle of Victory and Freedom for all of Greece”, the mayor of Tripoli Costas Tzioumis presented online by the Malliaropoulio Theater of the city, in a short and comprehensive analysis of the reasoning, with which the events, objectives and ambitions of the program of theRead More →

As part of the program agreement between the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Municipality of Athens At yesterday’s meeting of the Central Archaeological Council, the framework of the works and works related to the renovation, restoration and promotion of the declared archaeological site of the Pnykos Hills, NymphsRead More →

DIYARBAKIR from Turkey A municipality in south-eastern Turkey will launch courses in six different languages ​​next month. The courses of languages ​​of civilizations will take place for the languages ​​Kurdish, Zaza, Ottoman Turkish, Farsi, Arabic and Assyrian at the workshop “Language of civilizations” in the municipality of Diyarbakir. To maintainRead More →

A process invented at UW-Madison now removes phosphorus at the Madison Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. Like many other advances from colleges of agriculture and engineering, this one is designed to reduce the costs and environmental consequences of wastewater treatment. Phil Barak, professor of soil science, is scientific director of NRU,Read More →

July 06, 2018 – The Municipality of Bijelo Polje recognized successful people who represent not only their hometown, but the entire state at international events. The President of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, Petar Smolović, had the honor to welcome two successful women from Bijelo Polje: the winner of theRead More →

Until a recent urban renewal project that forced most residents to leave, the Tarlabaşı neighborhood was home to a wide range of Istanbul’s minority populations. At the start of the 20th century, the winding streets and colorful buildings of Tarlabaşı were home to many of the city’s Greek inhabitants. AfterRead More →