Sidney staff recommends that the municipality postpone pickleball court design and community engagement until Saanich has completed his test of acoustic panels designed to muffle sports noise. The recommendation follows Saanich’s new guidelines governing court placement after noise issues resulting from the increasingly popular sport led to disputes with residents.Read More →

Incident: 211101682 Type: SUSPECTED ACTIVITY IN PROGRESS Reception time: 11/10/2021 09:57:10 Status: FULL Service: POLICE NLCRPD Patrol District Assignment: L86 SECTOR 41 EAST PETE BORO P8610 Lead Agency: NORTH LANCASTER COUNTY REGIONAL POLICE DEPARTMENT Responsible unit: P86-8 Incident location: GRAYSTONE RD / HOLLOW DR Municipality: BOROUGH OF PETERSBURG-EAST On NovemberRead More →

Sorry, Rohnert Park, but Cotati just doesn’t like you. “We don’t have a casino. We don’t have Walmart, ”Cotati Mayor John Moore said as the Cotati city council meeting on Nov. 9 began the fourth hour of a late-night discussion on county redistribution. At the end of its regular meeting,Read More →