The University of Nicosia announces a call for applications for thirty (30) admission positions for its internationally unique Masters in Greek Civilization (English, Distance Learning Program) for the fall semester 2021. The Masters program at the University of Nicosia explores the multifaceted phenomenon of Greek civilization, both in its diachronicRead More →

Some Indian cities are older than time. Therefore, we need to know what cities are they, and what their history has been! 1. Varanasi (1200 BC-) Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in India and has been a center of religious and cultural activities since the Bronze Age. InRead More →

Carbon dating analysis of rice and soil recovered from an offering pot during excavations at the Sivakalai archaeological site, near Tirunelveli in southern Tamil Nadu, revealed that the Thamirabarani civilization is 3,200 years old. Chief Minister MK Stalin told the assembly that a museum would be set up in TirunelveliRead More →

A new study recently proposed that advanced alien civilizations could build energy harvesting mega-infrastructures surrounding black holes to meet their enormous energy needs. According to a Mail Online report, while black holes are “known” for their strong gravitational pull that even light cannot escape them, they also generate energy, inRead More →

Mr. Rajivlochan In this extremely readable book, Pavan Varma points out that Hindu culture and civilization have been harmed by “the academic elite” in India. He accuses them of being “liberal” enough to pass harsh judgment and mock the religion of the Hindus, but not enough to make the slightestRead More →

The well-preserved wooden handle of this iron dagger can help researchers date artifacts found at Konthagai. Department of Archeology of Tamil Nadu Archaeologists working in the village of Konthagai in southern India found a rusty iron dagger kept in a funeral urn next to skeletal remains, the India time reports.Read More →

“Intellectual terrorism has started and the country’s lefts are more left than Karl Marx,” he said. The Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, said Wednesday that the concept of secularism must be defined in the context of “Indian civilization”. Attacking left-wing intellectuals, liberals and the media, Sarma said atRead More →

Canadian-U.S. Video game designer and developer Sid Meier spearheaded the creation of the 1991 turn-based strategy video game Civilization. Since then it has spawned an acclaimed franchise that is arguably the best strategy game series with Age of empires. With the six games, Civilization includes links like a variety ofRead More →

On Monday June 28, the Kolonos and Gravas theaters of the Athens Municipality Culture, Sports and Youth Organization (OPANDA) will open the curtain, bringing to life the neighborhoods, where the heart of Athens beats and their stages host high quality music, music and theater. shows for all. OPANDA participates inRead More →

Russian Deputy Minister of Culture Olga Yarilova Russian Deputy Minister of Culture Olga Yarilova and her accompanying delegation visited the pyramids of Giza on Tuesday on the sidelines of their official visit to Egypt to celebrate the year of humanitarian cooperation between Egypt and Russia. The Year of Humanitarian CooperationRead More →

a fine gold collection of the Shower Treasure from the Roman era, on display in its display case at the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Old Cairo. While some European countries are reopening their doors to international tourists, Egypt has already been trying for months to attract themRead More →

Straight from the biography: “Edward Slingerland is a distinguished academic researcher and professor of Asian studies at the University of British Columbia, with adjunct positions in psychology and philosophy, as well as co-director of the Center for the Study of the Human Evolution, Cognition and Culture and Director of theRead More →

An aerial photo shows how the “Underwater Forest” helps purify water in Nanhu Lake in Jiaxing, east China’s Zhejiang Province. File photo: Courtesy of CCCC As the COVID-19 pandemic has crippled international travel, a growing number of Chinese infrastructure companies are considering projects related to the “Beautiful China” strategy, believingRead More →

Winged pectoral goddess (recto); Nubia, Napatan period, reign of Piankhy (Piye), 743-712 BC. earthenware; Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard University — Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition 24.616 Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston “Nubia: treasures of ancient Africa”, now open at the Saint-Louis art museum The building ofRead More →

The latest free update for Civilization VI: a new frontier arrived. Here’s everything you need to know about the Civilization VI April update. For the full patch notes, visit the Steam patch notes here. CIVILIZATION VI SUMMARY OF THE APRIL UPDATE PATCH The Civilization VI A New Frontier the expansionRead More →

Tucker Carlson got embroiled in controversy again after inconsistently denouncing the George Floyd affair. Speaking on Fox News last night, the TV host and political commentator made a number of statements expressing his skepticism about the verdict and suggested that Chauvin had been convicted because jurors were “intimidated” by theRead More →

By David K. Johnson, Ph.D., King’s College There are so many alien-themed movies out there that one could be wrong in thinking that alien life is pretty common. But, how many extraterrestrial civilizations could exist in the universe, and what are the chances of finding them, or that they findRead More →

Chinese archaeologists have unearthed hundreds of artifacts at an archaeological site in southwest Sichuan Province, offering glimpses of an ancient civilization dating back more than 3,000 years. More than 500 relics found in Sanxingdui, including fragments of gold and bronze masks as well as ivory and jade items, were unveiledRead More →

Besides monument conservation efforts, the Kirtipurians are at their best to conserve the traditional values ​​of intangible cultural heritages. Many civilizations around the world have disappeared due to natural and man-made disasters that have occurred over time. Even so, the medieval town of Kirtipur survived to help keep the NewaRead More →

Science fiction once belonged to the genre of imaginative literature. Today’s media, in search of intellectual thrills, has encouraged serious people with technological knowledge, industrial intentions and the money to support them to create our first “science factions”. Some men of our civilization (and not women), devoid of irony andRead More →

By Dr Evaggelos Vallianatos In early December 2020, the Greek parliament approved a law for the export of antiquities, including entire museum collections, to museums, institutions and possibly foreign individuals. Export-Sell the treasures of Greek civilization Thanks for reading Hellenic News of America The law would allow these precious GreekRead More →

Over the past two centuries, Western archaeologists have excavated and studied ancient Mayan sites, comparatively little time has been spent understanding the structures that have allowed cities to function for centuries. “Sadly, there is this legacy of nearly 200 years of people focused on burial chambers, temples and hieroglyphics,” saysRead More →

Next Generation Civilization Kit 2.0 – 2020 Shea Parametric Ideation Contest. Let’s go parametric To share To share Facebook civilization-kit-sheas-parametric-ideation-competition-2020&via=archdaily”> Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Mail Or Call for ideas: Parametric design competition Cities are home to over 50% of the world’s population, which is made up of around seven billionRead More →

Archaeologists have taken a leap forward with lidar sensors to unlock hidden settlements buried in dense jungle vegetation. Key points to remember Dense vegetation covered thousands of structures and blocked understanding of the Mayan civilization. Lidar imagery has revealed additional structures and clues about the sophistication and scale of theRead More →

While human civilization has developed in many places around the world, it first appeared thousands of years ago in the ancient Middle East. “We see the first cities, the first scriptures and the first technologies to originate in Mesopotamia,” says Kelly-Anne Diamond, visiting assistant professor of history at the UniversityRead More →

Previously published in Spanish in La Jornada, September 22, 2020 | Victor M. Toledo Translated by Jane K. Brundage “The world is at a most dangerous time in human history,” says Noam Chomsky, a leading American intellectual. His statement could not be more daring. Today, in addition to the globalRead More →

The Civilization series is a fascinating thing. Each new update replaces the old game on Steam’s top 100 most played games list and stays there as more games come and go. I have never known a series as coherent as that. Like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Sid Meier’s CivilizationRead More →

the environmental and refrigeration civilization garden project was introduced by order Governor of Afyonkarahisar Gökmen Çiçek told members of the press about the “Emre Lake Environment and Phrygian Civilization Garden” project, which will be held in the historic Phrygian Valley in Ä°hsaniye district. Credits have been allocated for the projectRead More →

Almost simultaneously, when the ancient Egyptians were building their first great pyramids and the Mesopotamians were constructing monumental temples and ziggurats, the Harappans of South Asia were erecting huge fired-brick dwelling complexes and cutting elaborate canal systems. Along with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, it was one of the first large-scaleRead More →

Doha: The Sheikh Hamad Prize for Translation and International Understanding (SHATIU) annually selects a new language in addition to Arabic and English with the aim of encouraging translation from and into Arabic as well as cultural exchanges between different nations. In its 5th edition, the award selected the Malayalam languageRead More →

Archaeologists confirmed on Thursday that the Shuanghuaishu site in Zhengzhou, central China’s Henan province, was the capital of an ancient “Heluo kingdom” dating back around 5,300 years, testifying to the origin of the Chinese civilization. Gu Wanfa, director of the Zhengzhou Municipal Cultural Relics and Archeology Research Institute, announced aRead More →

Buses in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, are not going anywhere due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Carlton Reid Maintaining public transit during the coronavirus pandemic could prevent the collapse of civilization, says an urban planner Jarrett Walker. “Buses, trains and subways make urban civilization possible,“wrote Walker of Portland, Oregon, in CityLabRead More →