To date, however, U.S. utility companies have not widely deployed current blocking devices on the live grid. “They’ve only done things, like moving to higher and higher operating voltages” — for cheaper transmission — “that greatly amplify their vulnerability to these storms,” Kappenman tells me. Tom Berger, former director ofRead More →

New Delhi: Days after reports surfaced that Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Twitter staff at a meeting on Thursday that he wanted the microblogging site to be more like TikTok and WeChat, the tech mogul shared a cryptic tweet early Saturday asking if TikTok was “destroying civilization.” Is TikTok destroyingRead More →

Baku, June 4, AZERTAC Yellow River, Chinese (pinyin) Huang He or (Wade-Giles Romanization) Huang Ho, also spelled Hwang Ho, English Yellow River, principal river of northern China, east-central and eastern Asia. The Yellow River is often called the cradle of Chinese civilization. With a length of 3,395 miles (5,464 km),Read More →

Researchers have discovered mysterious mounds that were once ancient urban settlements. Dating back around 1,500 years, these settlements (featuring intricate roads, platforms and even pyramids) are surprisingly intricate and hint at a flourishing civilization. No one really expected something like this. “No one expected this kind of society in thisRead More →

Crescent Lake in Dunhuang, Gansu Province (northwest China) Photo: VCG Editor’s note:Chinese President Xi Jinping recently stressed the importance of deepening the study of Chinese civilization to enhance the historical awareness and cultural confidence of the Communist Party of China (CCP) and society, while unswervingly following the path of socialism.Read More →

Don’t be surprised if boxes of green, yellow, and black or white emojis start popping up in your recent Twitter and Facebook feeds. It’s the internet’s new favorite game called Wordle. This daily dose of fun might boost your sanity and help build your English vocabulary, but it can alsoRead More →

On April 24, volunteers from various Hindu Dharmic organizations in the Arlington Heights, Illinois area organized a traveling poster exhibit titled “Darshana: A Glimpse of Hindu Civilization.” The exhibition had posters on arts, science, divinity, architecture, scriptures, spiritual traditions, festivals, clothing, yoga, medicine and others. This nationwide traveling exhibition aimsRead More →

TEHRAN — Located between the Karkheh and Dez rivers in southwestern Iran, Susa was once one of the most important and glamorous cities of the ancient world. Susa, which has been inhabited for thousands of years, comprises several layers of superimposed urban settlements from the end of the 5th millenniumRead More →

Australia’s controversial Western Civilization courses are proving popular with students despite bitter opposition from many staff, the data shows. The extended majors in Western Civilization at the University of Queensland (UQ) have some of the most demanding undergraduate entrance scores in the country. Students must achieve Australian Tertiary Admissions RankingsRead More →

Editor’s note: Decision Makers is a global platform for decision makers to share their insights into the events shaping the world today. Erik Solheim is a former United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UNEP and Senior Advisor to the World Resources Institute. The article reflects the opinions of theRead More →

New research from the University of Warwick, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Reichman University, Pompeu Fabra University and the Barcelona School of Economics challenges the conventional theory that the transition from research from food to agriculture has led to the development of complex and hierarchical societies by creating an agriculturalRead More →

Wonderfully, when one watches ancient highways slowly crack and tumble down cliffs to the sea, the concept of “permanent changes in the human landscape” can be seen as illusory. Most of you suffer from the illusion that structures such as poorly placed dwellings, on floodplains or near the ocean[s] areRead More →

Baku, April 1, AZERTAC Located in the Turkish province of Çorum in Central Anatolia, Hattusha (often referred to as the archaeological site of Boğazkale) – the capital of the Hittite civilization was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986 as a cultural property. Hattusha is a remarkable archaeologicalRead More →

Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Dr L Murugan, said that in present times, films are a powerful medium through which the word of India can be conveyed to the world. Dr Murugan was addressing the closing ceremony of the fourth three-day Chitra Bharati Film Festival at RavindraRead More →

Aerial photo taken on Oct. 1, 2021 shows a national forest park in Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality. (Photo by Ran Chuan/Xinhua) Over the past decade, China has advanced its economy’s green transition under the leadership of President Xi Jinping’s Ecological Civilization Thought, which stemsRead More →

On Her Shoulders will present a virtual reading program: ON THE THIN CRUST OF CIVILIZATION: The Plays of Marita Bonner, Directed by Magaly Colimon-Christopher, via NPTC’s YouTube channel: NewPerspectivesTC. Arminda Thomas provides dramaturgy through The Play in Context, which places the scenarios in their historical time and place. The broadcastRead More →

The Maya civilization once stretched hundreds of miles across Mesoamerica and the Yucatán Peninsula, with bustling cities, a thriving economy, and a booming arts and culture scene. But between the 8th and 10th centuries CE, it suffered from abrupt demographic fluctuations, increased conflicts and abandoned urban centers. Archaeologists and otherRead More →

Wen Yang’s new book, The Logic of Civilization: The Interaction and Evolution of Chinese and Western Civilization. EVERYDAY CHINA Book argues that China cannot be judged through the prism of Western standards, writes David Paul Goldman. According to Professor Wen Yang, the 5,000-year-old Chinese civilization cannot be understood by WesternRead More →

Egypt’s rise was a combination of violence and tactful diplomacy The Narmer palette tells us the story of the unification of Egypt. Image sources: Wikimedia Commons. In 1897, archaeologists Frederic Green and James Quibble made an astonishing discovery during the excavation Temple of Horus in Nekhen, Egypt. They unearthed aRead More →

Using the world’s most sensitive radio telescope, a team of Australian astronomers spent seven hours listening for signs of an alien civilization – but found nothing. Using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) in the Western Australian desert, experts from California’s SETI Institute set out to find “techno-signatures”. Finding these signs,Read More →

By MATTHEW BROWN, Associated Press BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) – The Biden administration plans to dramatically expand its efforts to stave off catastrophic wildfires that have scorched parts of the western United States by more aggressively thinning forests around areas called “hot spots.” where nature and neighborhoods collide. As climate changeRead More →

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. (NMEC) This WAF will run until Wednesday and will be placed under the auspices of the Ministries of Culture, Planning and Economic Development, Tourism and Antiquities, Immigration and Expatriates, Environment and the Department of state of tourism in Cairo, according to a UN press release.Read More →

Last week, we noted that the word civilization refers to the Latin word “civitas” or city. This is why the most basic definition of the word civilization is a society made up of cities. The word civilization and civilized society is used to differentiate between societies which are culturally superiorRead More →

Oakland News Now – “Respect history, respect your civilization”: TV Mohandas Pai on the restoration of Kashi Vishwanath shrine – video made by the YouTube channel with the logo in the upper left corner of the video. is the original blog post for this type of video blog content.Read More →

Apart from being a prolific filmmaker, Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri is also known for his motivational speeches on various occasions. The visionary storyteller recently left audiences spellbound at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta (USA) with his admiring speech on “Why is Kashmir important to humanity?” » Vivek and his actor-wife PallaviRead More →

House ” Gallery ” Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s inspiring speech on Hindu philosophy and civilization in the United States left the audience in awe! Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s inspiring speech on Hindu philosophy and civilization in the United States left the audience in awe! (Photo: SocialNews.XYZ/ Apart from being a prolific filmmaker,Read More →

Snowpiercer Season 3 Trailer DTTit is Snowpiercer: Season 3 TV show trailer is out. Cast and crew snowdrops: Season 3, based on the movie by Joon-ho Bong and the graphic novel by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochettestars Sean Bean, Jennifer Connelly, David Diggs, mickey summer, Susanna Park, Rowan Blanchard, AaronRead More →

Elon Musk recently said that the decline birth-rate is one of the greatest risks to civilization. Experts fear that the “baby bust” pandemic could lead to an aging population without enough workers. In the eyes of the richest man in the world, one of the greatest threats to civilization isRead More →

People visit the Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, October 30, 2021.[Photo/Xinhua] Since March of this year, the new dizzying archaeological excavations at the Sanxingdui site have continued to impress the world. Golden masks, sacred bronze trees, bronze altars and many other national level cultural relics showcase theRead More →

A painted pottery jar discovered at the Nanzuo site in Gansu province this year. CHINA DAILY Archaeological ruins some 5,000 years old on the Loess Plateau can provide crucial clues to the beginnings of Chinese civilization. New archaeological excavations this year at the Nanzuo heritage site in Qingyang, Gansu province,Read More →

By PKBalachandran/Daily Mirror Colombo, November 30: The remnants of the Buddhist civilization of Gandhara in Pakistan are a sight to behold, not only for Buddhist pilgrims but also for art lovers. Towering stupas with intricate, realistic carvings depicting various events in the Buddha’s life and past births abound in theRead More →

Some relatively narrow municipal roads, sometimes without a developed pedestrian zone, are considered dangerous because motorists often overspeed. The municipality of Péchabou, aware of this dangerous situation, is studying the question for its reform: Alley Pierre Paul Riquet, Residents worried about the risks, especially for children, have expressed their concernsRead More →

Mexican civilization joins Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition in DLC next week. Forgotten Empires heralded the arrival of Mexican civilization Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition on December 1 as new DLC. The official blurb reads: “In Age III: DE, rising Mexican states may choose to revolt instead ofRead More →

| Xbox Game Studios and Relic Entertainment have added Mexican Civilization to Age Of Empires III: Definitive Edition this week. This is a brand new DLC that brings some battles and other additions to the game from a very specific period of the country’s development as you will experience historicalRead More →

the Giant robot of death is one of the best assets for civilizations seeking a victory of domination in Civilization 6. The RDA is an endgame unit that can do almost anything on the battlefield. GDRs have both close range and ranged attacks, with base stats of 130 and 120Read More →

Civilization VI players have many options when it comes to using siege weapons to break through the city’s defenses. However, the game does not specify how to use these units. If you’re wondering how to use the Siege Tower in Civilization VI, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’llRead More →

Beijing will host the China Conference on Internet Civilization on November 19. Themed “Gathering Strength for Good Deeds, Build Internet Civilization Together,” the event will be the first in the country to systematically discuss cyberspace security and civilization. In recent years, digital civilization has gained increasing importance as the ChineseRead More →