Byas Municipality prioritizes conservation and promotion of cultural heritages « Khabarhub

Byas Municipality Office. (File photo)

TANAHUN: Byas Municipality in Tanahu District must give priority to the conservation and promotion of cultural heritages.

Recently unveiling the policies and programs of the municipality for the upcoming fiscal year 2022/23, Deputy Mayor Indira Darai said the municipality will provide support to its residents in the construction of traditional and old-style houses.

According to the municipal survey carried out in 2018, the municipality has a total of 71,809 inhabitants and 20,059 households. Anyone willing to build a new house in an old, traditional style would receive support from the municipality, Deputy Mayor Darai said.

The municipality said to be the place of meditation of sages Veda Byas and Parashar aims to preserve Chautari, ponds, wells, taps and open public places, according to the deputy mayor.

Also, a Byas Jhula, a suspension bridge connecting the Byas cave and the place where the sage Parashar mediated, will be set up. Historical places such as Tanahusur Durbar area, Devi Danda, Swami Park and Siddeshwor Rajapani Mahadev among others will be protected and promoted, Darai informed.

In addition, the municipality, which has 14 districts, will prohibit the mobilization of any heavy equipment that undermines the environmental balance of the locality. To get rid of the maze of electricity and other cable wires, the municipality will manage the underground power lines, she said.

The agricultural sector will be modernized and pocket areas for rice, maize and millet will be demarcated, the deputy mayor said. The municipality will provide breeding assistance and help with marketing for those who breed animals for commercial purposes.

In order to increase livelihoods and employment opportunities, a policy will be adopted to diversify and expand the scope of activities related to water, agriculture, educational tourism, religious tourism, rural tourism and to sports tourism, shared Darai.

In addition, the municipality will effectively implement a disaster risk reduction program and the fire, ambulance and hearse services will be further streamlined.