Briefs from Lacombe City Council: Community Standards, Patio Policy and Investor Engagement

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The Community Standards Regulations were originally passed in 2019.

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Council approved an updated policy on street patios, allowing businesses to include sets of bistro tables outside their establishments.

The policy says businesses must not obstruct necessary connections to emergency services, storm drain gutters, catch basins and outlets from adjacent buildings.

“Since its inception, the On-Street Patio Policy has enabled businesses in Lacombe to serve customers in innovative ways that attract new investment to our community,” said Mayor Creasey. “This updated policy will allow more businesses to benefit from outdoor dining options while improving the look of our downtown.”

The City or third-party utilities may remove portions of a patio to access infrastructure.

Under the policy, which was adopted in 2020, one bistro set for every three meters of street frontage is permitted, as long as pedestrian access is unimpeded.

The policy gives the administration the authority to approve patio requests when less than 15% of available on-street parking per block is affected, or alternatively, to refer requests back to council for decision. Under this policy, patio season runs from May 1 to October 15 each year.

Pre-Change Policy

On March 28, the city council received a directive from the administrator on how to improve engagement with investors in land development.

The City is seeking to formalize its process for sharing the community‘s “business culture and regulatory environment conducive to business”.

The directive from the administration aims to:

• Document a process that demonstrates the City’s commitment to creating an environment conducive to investment and development
• Build on (and enhance) the city’s reputation in the development community as an investment jurisdiction of choice
• Provide the municipality with the opportunity to participate in design-level discussions with the developer
• Foster creativity and innovation to break down barriers and explore opportunities
• Promote the establishment of positive relationships between developer and staff

“Council is pleased that the administration has introduced this directive, which promises to drive economic growth in our community,” the mayor said. “The consolidation of our investment strategies helps our community attract new sustainable developments to Lacombe.

The guideline includes a Roadmap for Land Development Investors, which the City describes as a structured guideline for complex developments created in consultation with potential property developers and City staff.

“The roadmap guides developers through the municipal approval pathway, outlines any constraints and highlights opportunities for a parcel (or area) of land in the town of Lacombe,” a statement read. “Unofficially, the administration is already following the general approach described in the directive. The formalization of the steps ensures a coherent, organized and efficient response to potential real estate developers who express their interest in investing in the City of Lacombe.

More information in the Agenda for March 28.