Book fair to shed light on libraries in Islamic civilization

The fourth International Days of Arab Books and Culture in Turkey open their doors on the theme “Libraries, memory of our civilization”. Many local and foreign academics, academics, publishers and authors will attend the event, where thematic libraries will take center stage. Hosted by the Municipality of Üsküdar, the organization will start on February 22 under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey. There will be many exhibitions, panels and symposia as part of the organization.

The event, which will be held at the Üsküdar Bağlarbaşı Culture and Congress Center from February 22 to March 3, aims to reveal the scientific accumulation and common cultural heritage that Islamic civilization has possessed for centuries. Participants can visit the exhibitions titled “Libraries from the past to the present” and “July 15,” which examine the failed coup attempt of 2016 and commemorate the courageous struggle of the Turkish people against it, as part of the event. Authors, academics and scientists from all over the world will also visit various Istanbul libraries and madrasas.

Librarianship in Islamic Civilization

Libraries have occupied an important place in scientific and cultural life throughout the history of Islam. Books and libraries have received great importance since the earliest periods of Islam. Many Islamic civilizations, especially the Abbasids and Umayyads, established large libraries in cities like Baghdad, Cairo and Cordoba. Libraries have played a leading role in protecting the scientific and cultural memory of Islamic civilizations. The Istanbul branch of the Turkish Writers’ Association also draws attention to the contribution of libraries to our common memory with the Arab Book and Culture Days. During the event, it is expected that the importance of libraries will be highlighted with exhibitions and trips. As part of the event, thousands of writers, academics and scientists will meet and share cultural heritage with visitors. In this way, it will be ensured that linguistic and religious fraternity will be strengthened.

About 300 academics, 60 publishing houses meet

For the International Days of Book and Culture in Turkey, publishing houses and writers from Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, from Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Qatar and Kuwait will participate.

Books from around 60 publishing houses from Turkey and Islamic countries will meet bibliophiles at this fair. The Arab Book and Culture Days have become a great cultural festival because it is an international event bringing together nearly 300 scientists and academics.

Various institutions including the Turkish Manuscripts Institution, Ataturk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History, Turkish Language Society, Turkish Historical Society, Turkish Religious Foundation Publications, Center of Islamic Studies (ISAM), the Library of Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA), Marmara University Faculty of Theology Foundation Publications (IFAV) will participate in this great meeting.

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