Birtamod Municipality unveils five-year periodic plan to make it one of the prosperous areas in Eastern Nepal – myRepublica

JHAPA, June 19: One of the main commercial centers of Jhapa, the municipality of Birtamod, has drawn up a five-year periodic plan. The municipality has formulated a plan for long-term development with the arrival of the newly elected people’s representative following the local level election held early last month.

Mayor Pabitra Mahatara said the five-year periodic plan has been developed by incorporating various aspects such as education, health, agriculture, physical infrastructure, forest, tourism and business.

The next action plan of the municipality was developed with the slogan “Growth of industry, business, health, education, agriculture and employment: prosperity of Birtamod with development and good governance “. The municipality has formulated a plan to encourage the private sector by creating an appropriate environment for the establishment of medical faculties for the study of medicine towards health, to encourage the establishment of hospitals that have services such as cancer, kidneys, eyes, spinal cord injuries, brain. and Gastro, to carry out regular door-to-door services for the health check and treatment of the elderly and disabled and to operate an ambulance service with medical specialists for them.

Similarly, plans have been made to provide access to health services to economically backward communities and build a healthy society by integrating the concept of multi-sector nutrition to all citizens. Likewise, the municipality has set five-year goals that include guaranteeing higher education for more than 90% of city dwellers. Likewise, education up to the secondary level will be entirely free, while technical education will be accessible up to the postgraduate level. The plan also aims to ensure that all children are enrolled in school.

In the same way, the municipality plans to supply basic and pure drinking water to more than 80% of the city dwellers through pipes and to the rest of the population through tube wells, to develop the agricultural sector and to increase the production with the development of fertilizers, seeds and technology. and become self-sufficient in fish, meat, eggs and vegetables.

The aim is to improve roads by constructing utility corridors, installing traffic lights at junctions including drainage utility corridors, constructing sky bridges, underground subways and paved roads over a total of 125 kilometres.

Likewise, the plan includes the construction of three suspension bridges and 40 culvert bridges, the supply of electricity to all households, the development of an urban development master plan with surface drains, the construction of a well-equipped building with ample parking at Budhabare Bazaar on behalf of the municipality.

Nagendra Sangraula, deputy head of the municipality, said that the municipality plans to promote the industrial development of the southern part of the Gokul Joshi Marg of Birtamod-2, create an appropriate legal framework for the establishment of new industries and make the industries environmentally friendly to minimize environmental pollution.

For the promotion of tourism in the municipality, Biratpokhar Ward No. 3, Hariyali Samudayik Ban Ward No. 6, Ramchowk Samudayik Ban Ward No. 2, Bahardashi Pokhari Ward No. 2, Sadu Pokhari, Madhu Pokhari and Telkari Pokhari Ward No. 10 will be developed into tourist areas. The city plans to develop ShaktiPeeth as a religious and tourist area.