Ballybane is Ireland’s most littered urban area

Ballybane is the most littered area of ​​any city in Ireland according to the results of the latest Anit-Litter League survey.

Irish Business Against Litter conducted a waste survey in 40 cities and urban areas in Ireland.

Ballybane in Galway City was the lowest ranked area on the list. She and Dublin North were the only areas seriously littered with garbage.

Fermoy in County Cork was the cleanest town in the country according to the waste survey.

According to IBAL, Galway, Dublin and Cork City were all littered with more garbage than in previous surveys.

“We have seen worsening levels of waste in economically disadvantaged areas, which dominate the lower rankings of our rankings,” says Conor Horgan of IBAL.

“What is often lacking in these areas is a sense of ‘pride in place’, which in turn reflects a lack of true community.”

He warned that as we rush to resolve Galway’s housing crisis, we still need to take the time to build real communities.

The survey was commissioned by IBAL and carried out by An Taisce over the summer.

In the report for Ballybane, a Taisce cited “pathways riddled with high levels of food waste”, “huge swathes of all kinds of garbage, as well as garbage bags being thrown away” and landfills near the church. St Brigids.

77% of the cities studied by An Taisce were found to be clean, although five places were “littered” or “seriously littered”.

These are Cork City – Mahon, Cork city Northside, Ballymun, Dublin North Inner City and Ballybane.

The biggest improvement of all the cities in the survey was Navan which increased from 20 places to 14.

“Our surveys have consistently revealed a disparity in cleanliness between our inner cities on the one hand and neglected urban areas on the other,” says Horgan.

“This disparity has never been more acute than this year – our inner cities are cleaner, while deprived urban areas are more littered.”

The investigation highlighted the prevalence of long-term waste in the most affected sites as evidence of neglect over long periods of time.

Conor Horgan expressed frustration at seeing the same sites on the list year after year “without any evidence of cleaning.”

He says this shows that the problem is worse in areas that are neglected by local authorities.

The most recent household refuse disposal statistics available to IBAL show that the cost of using garbage guards is ten times higher than the revenue collected through fines.

Over the past six years, the amount collected from fines linked to litter has halved, from 1.7 million euros to 840,000 euros.

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