Athens to transform Syntagma Square into a green urban area


Athens to transform Syntagma Square into a sustainable urban area

Trees will be planted and infrastructure will be modernized to reflect the needs of all road users

Two decades after the creation of its redesign plans, Syntagma Square in the Greek capital will finally be renovated. This was announced by the city of Athens after the city council voted for the sustainable overhaul of the square on Monday July 19. Although renovation is expected to start in August 2021, internationally renowned professor Dimitris Manikas created the design plans in 1999 when he entered an architectural competition.

Improving mobility and tackling the climate crisis

Syntagma Square will be sustainably modernized taking into account the needs of all road users. First, traffic lanes will be reduced from 6 to 4 in order to increase road safety and reduce noise and pollution levels. Furthermore, the sidewalks will be widened to give pedestrians more space and comfort. Finally, the infrastructure will be modernized to reflect the needs of people with disabilities as and when ramps will be installed and tactile markings will be put in place.

Transport specialist George Giannis commented on the need for such an intervention, noting: “The widening of the pedestrian zone of Syntagma Square is an important first step towards the recovery of public space and sustainable urban mobility in the center of Athens, which should have been implemented some time ago.

Pedestrians will have more space to stand up and move around, passengers on several buses will now be able to disembark comfortably without having to pass between illegally parked taxis and vehicle traffic will be smoother, as there will be no more traffic. place for the illegal stops of the few cars and taxis to the detriment of the greatest number.

In addition to this, the climate crisis will also be seen and treated as 28 trees will be planted. These trees will not only increase the attractiveness of the square, but also provide shade for pedestrians. Going further, the shadow will also be created by the installation of pergolas.

With these interventions, the City of Athens hopes to revive Syntagma Square. In addition, it seeks to create a sustainable and green urban environment that will increase the quality of life of its citizens.

The design plans for the square can be seen in the gallery above.


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