“Athena Project”: Innovation and technology at the service of the Municipality of Athens, for a clean and accessible city

Microsoft and ATCOM are implementing a pioneering pilot project as part of the “Adopt Your City” initiative.

The transformation of cities into “smart” thanks to technology has been the big challenge of recent years, at global and pan-European level. Today, more than 240 European cities have taken similar initiatives to address contemporary urban challenges. Among them, Athens makes a dynamic entry with “Project Athena”.

Thanks to new dynamic synergies, Athens gradually becomes an innovation laboratory, which implements original ideas in its infrastructure, thus laying a solid foundation for a sustainable future. The Athena project was named after the goddess of wisdom and the city of Athens. An ideal name to describe the innovative pilot program that will make the capital a “smart” city, bringing significant improvements in the lives of Athenian citizens, through the integration of innovative technological applications.

With the first objective of effectively dealing with two “hot” and chronic issues faced by residents and visitors to Athens, cleanliness and accessibility, the Athena project is operational today.

The Athena project consists of the strategic implantation of sensors in the urban fabric, which collect data on the cleanliness of streets and air, accessibility for pedestrians and disabled people, noise pollution, temperature and air. ‘humidity.

Its pilot operation started in Kotzia Square, where the Town Hall of the Municipality of Athens is located, and in the Kolonaki region. Specifically, a total of 10 sensors were placed in garbage cans to measure their level, in crosswalks and disabled people to detect their obstruction, in the City Hall of Athens, as well as in parts of these areas.

The data collected by the sensors is then transmitted to a specially designed management platform, to which the Municipality of Athens has unimpeded access for their monitoring and analysis. The future interconnection of the platform with the competent authorities will be the engine of the transformation of knowledge into practice and of the substantial improvement of the quality of life of citizens. The day after the Athena project, cleaners will have the opportunity to make sound decisions and plan waste collection routes in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, the use of sensors in level crossings will ensure their freedom and inform of any parked vehicle obstructing the passage.

The Athena project is an adaptation of ATCOM’s “UrbanIntelligence” solution and uses Microsoft technologies.

The Mayor of Athens, Mr. Costas Bakogiannis, said in this regard: “Athens welcomes the 21st century in practice. We are trying to exhaust the applications of technology, starting with man and his needs. Sensors do no more and no less than “measuring” the quality of life in the city. In other words, they follow the daily habits of the inhabitant and the visitor and provide us with data, directly and reliably. These are data that not only allow us to intervene quickly and provide solutions, but also allow us to plan with specific elements. Thus, we can be more efficient and more precise in any change that takes place in the city “.

Theodosis Michalopoulos, Microsoft CEO for Greece, Cyprus and Malta, said of the cooperation: “The city that serves its citizens and provides them with a high quality of life is first and foremost smart. I am very happy because with our cooperation with ATCOM, we are offering the Municipality of Athens the technological tools that will support important aspects of its operation, such as cleanliness or access to the city.The Athena project shows us that collaborations like this one with the municipality of Athens, give birth to an innovation that focuses on the person and his needs ”.

Mr. Konstantinos Theotokas, CEO of ATCOM, said: “We are very happy that together with the Municipality of Athens and Microsoft, we have embodied the urban vision of a smart Athens, and I would like to warmly thank the Mayor of Athens, M.. Costas Bakogiannis for this unique opportunity. With this project, we have proven that intelligent sustainability with vehicle technology is possible today. ATCOM’s mission is to accelerate transformation in all aspects of life, and that is exactly what we aspire to achieve for the people of Athens, starting with the ProjectAthens pilot program.

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