Assembly member appeals for community library and ICT lab for Okperpiem

Honorable Alex Ofori, Assembly Member for Okperpiem

Eastern Region Correspondence

MP for Okperpiem electoral area in Yilo Krobo Municipality of Eastern Region called on various stakeholders and voluntary organizations to provide community library and ICT facility to the community to help improve reading habits pupils and students in the region.

Honorable Alex Ofori’s appeal aims to raise the level of education of students in basic schools in the region to provide school children with the opportunity to learn more through reading and access to ICT to improve their reading skills.

He also requested desktop computers and their accessories to facilitate ICT teaching and learning, reduce the level of illiteracy and raise the standards of ICT education, especially among elementary school children in his constituency. .

According to him, this will give elementary school children in the region the opportunity to compete on equal terms with their colleagues from other parts of the country.
The success of the project, however, would largely depend on the support of individuals, organizations and corporate partners.

Describing the impact of the lack of library and ICT facilities in the community, Hon. Ofori said that children are more interested in playing and other trivial activities outside school hours and days. school, because there was no place to learn or read.

“It seriously affects us in the sense that since the kids don’t have a bigger place for them to learn when school closes, every time they come home they just play, after they have played, go to their different houses, sleep in a bath and I believe that when we have this community library for children, it will help improve their learning and society, “said the MP adding a desperate appeal to NGOs, companies and individuals to join us and solve the problem.
He said, “Education, as they say, is the key to success and we want the best for our future and future leaders.”

To pass their time positively after school hours in the meantime, the MP said he is arranging extra lessons for pupils and students in his constituency to enable them to spend their time profitably.

He revealed that “the plan for them is, I am putting in order some of the teachers in the municipality to start having extra lessons with the children in my constituency every time they close the school, I have so contacted some of my teachers…so that when they close the school they can come to my area to have those extra classes with the kids.

He hoped the facility is built for the community, would serve as a point of reference for children to access information at all times.
Some parents interviewed supported the Assemblyman’s call and urged caring groups and individuals to help make this dream come true.