Assam CM calls for defining secularism in the context of “Indian civilization”


“Intellectual terrorism has started and the country’s lefts are more left than Karl Marx,” he said.

The Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, said Wednesday that the concept of secularism must be defined in the context of “Indian civilization”.

Attacking left-wing intellectuals, liberals and the media, Sarma said at a reception where RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat launched a book, the country’s intellectual society is still dominated by left-wing liberals , the media giving them more space while ignoring alternative voices.

“Intellectual terrorism has been unleashed and the country’s lefts are more leftist than Karl Marx. There is no democracy in the media … they have no space for Indian civilization but there is space for Karl Marx and Lenin, ”he said.

The media may privately accept an alternate narrative, but they prefer to leave room for the left-wing liberals by saying it reflects an independent point of view, Sarma said.

“Left-wing thinking needs to be challenged and more inspiring history-based books about our long struggle for existence need to be documented from the right perspective,” he said.

The chief minister, however, did not specify how secularism would be defined in the context of Indian civilization, although he did claim that India India has been a secular country since the time of the Rig Vedic.

“We gave the world the concept of secularism and humanity. Our civilization is five thousand years old and we have accepted the diversity of thought, religion and culture for centuries, ”said the Chief Minister.

Referring to the law amending the citizenship law, Mr Sarma said there were two perspectives on this – for protesters outside Assam, the demand is why only Hindus should be granted citizenship, Muslim migrants should also be covered.

In Assam, however, the protest against the law was that neither Hindus nor Muslims from other countries should be granted citizenship.

“It is the so-called secular demonstrators at the national level who have tried to give a common color to all the demonstrations,” he said.

The CAA is aimed at those “who are victims of partition and not beneficiaries of a communal country created on the basis of religion,” he said.


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