Arbolia and Municipality of San Donato Milanese: a new urban forest created with the support of Snam

Arboliaa for-profit company created to develop new green spaces in Italy, has created a new urban forest of more than 2,000 trees in the municipality of San Donato Milanese. This initiative was made possible thanks to the contribution of snam.

The new green belt is located in the Monticello district, in the southeast of the city, not far from the Policlinico San Donato Milanese. In the identified area, a total of 2,200 plants of different tree species were planted (field elm, field maple, basswood, ash, black poplarandwhite charm) and shrubs (privet, priest’s hat, viburnum, lantana, elderberry and hawthorn).

When fully operational, the new green space will absorb up to 302 tonnes of CO2 in 20 years and until 557 kg of PM10 per year. The initiative also provides for the maintenance of the new urban forest for the first two years and then by the municipality. The project will immediately become an asset to the local community and it is essential that everyone takes care of it.

“With this initiative carried out with Arbolia, we wanted to symbolically dedicate an urban reforestation project to all the inhabitants of Snam, who have always been attentive and sensitive to issues of environmental sustainability, and at the same time testify to our strong link with the city. of San Donato Milanese, where our roots are”commented paola boromeiDeputy Director General Human Resources, Organization & Pfm of Snam.

“The collaboration between the Municipality and Arbolia – adds the Mayor Andrea Checchi– is a clear example of virtuous cooperation between public and private. Thanks to the contribution of Snam and Arbolia, the Administration decided to redraw the map of the green city, by intervening in an area affected by profound urban changes. The data relating to the environmental impact of the plantation is confirmation of the goodness of this operation, which will ensure a particular benefit to the inhabitants of San Donato in the future”.

With this new wood, Arbolia created fifteen green belts in Italy. Over the next few months, the association will develop initiatives in around twenty other Italian municipalities, from the north to the south of the country.