An urban garden in the municipality of Papagou-Cholargos for the social and professional integration of young people with disabilities


A garden in the urban landscape of the municipality of Papagou-Holargos has been created and since last week it has produced beauty and action for the people who work it. And these people are people with disabilities who work with specialists and volunteers.

The Municipal Authority used the free space that exists just outside the Social Grocery and Pharmacy and in collaboration with the Association “Equalact Social, Action pour l’Egalité Sociale – Handicapés”, aim at the both to promote the social and professional integration of people with disabilities, as well as in the promotion of volunteering and environmental awareness.

The “Urban Garden – BIOHABILITÉ”, as it was named, was inaugurated last Sunday and is aimed at disabled adults up to 25 years old, who live in the town. There are now plantations and crops, while there will be a plant bazaar, the proceeds of which will be used for the needs of the program and the beneficiary producers.

“This is a new project of our municipality, which aims at the social and professional integration of disabled people. A program, which is implemented by the municipality in collaboration with the Social Equalact Association and with the support of precious volunteers, like a psychologist, social worker, biologist, etc. ”, confides Mayor Elias Apostolopoulos to the APE-MPE then reports:

“Our objective through its creation is employment, the cultivation of skills, the strengthening of links with the community at large, the fight against social prejudices, as well as the promotion of volunteering and environmental awareness. Le Jardin Urbain – Biohability, of which we are very proud, is a small paradise, entering into which, the first thing you see is joy and satisfaction, painted on the faces of those who participate in the program. In any democratic society and healthy, all citizens have the right to live independently and equal access and participation in all areas of activity. “Disability should in no way be a barrier to personal, professional and social and to the action of the person who wears it and this is clearly proven in the garden of our municipality, which has already borne fruit. “

And Mr. Apostolopoulos concluded by saying: “All the works in the field, including artistic interventions, were carried out by volunteers and by the beneficiaries of the program, under the supervision of the municipal councilor Maria Dimitriadou-Karasimopoulou and we will accept willingly these “Our fellow citizens want to join this large group of people, either as beneficiaries or as volunteers.”


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