American civilization is destroyed from within by the “Republic of Nice”

Civilization does not renew itself. It takes work and willpower. In America, we will not do the work and will no longer have the will.

Signs of impending collapse are all around us:

1. A ruling class that opened the floodgates to unchecked immigration – and to hell with the consequences

2. Crime without punishment

3. Elites who don’t care about the values ​​our nation was founded on

4. Support the Barbarians at the Gates

5. Refuse to procreate in sufficient numbers to sustain our population.

Shocking video from Texas shows Border Patrol agents calmly unlocking a gate that had previously been secured by the Texas National Guard, to allow dozens of ‘migrants’ into the country. The president’s open-border policies are proving hugely successful, with more than 2 million Welcome Wagon encounters so far this year, up from 1.27 million for the same period last year.

The flash mob looting is the latest innovation in crime. In Los Angeles on August 19, a mob, organized on the internet, descended on a 7-Eleven, cleaning up everything from snacks and cigarettes to lottery tickets before police arrived. In some cities, cops have shied away from enforcing the law for petty crimes, knowing that kind-hearted prosecutors will return arrested people to the streets soon after arrest.

A recent editorial in the University of Virginia student newspaper demanded that Thomas Jefferson’s name be removed from the school he founded. It makes sense, in a perverse way. Since we no longer believe in creator rights, why should the author of the Declaration of Independence play a role in higher education?

Communist China unleashed a virus that killed more than a million Americans. Now it exports fentanyl – a drug that has become the leading cause of death among Americans aged 18 to 45. There is no responsibility for China’s attacks on our sovereignty. We will continue to enrich the largest totalitarian state in the world with trade, the profits of which will be used to expand its army. We’re even allowing Chinese companies to buy US farmland — about 35.2 million acres so far, up 60% from 10 years ago. How do you say “death wish” in Mandarin?

Healthy societies have growing populations. The US fertility rate is the lowest on record – 1.78 children per woman in her childbearing years, of which 2.1 are needed just to replace the current population. Fewer and fewer Americans are choosing to marry, and more and more Americans are choosing not to have children. Elon Musk calls population collapse “the greatest threat to civilization“.

But it’s what we call homelessness — the squalid encampments that dot our cityscape and what follows from it — that most clearly symbolizes the decline of our civilization.

The novelist O. Henry called New York “the Baghdad of the Hudson”. Kabul on the East River is more like that.

Last week, a homeless man and convicted sex offender knocked out a random victim in the Bronx, hitting him in the back of the head and leaving him with a fractured skull and hemorrhages in the brain.

A few days later, a New York subway passenger is stabbed in the stomach by an aggressive beggar.

In 2020, there were over half a million homeless people in America, half of whom lived outdoors. It is estimated that a quarter have serious mental illness and a third are drug addicts. The former may be delusional, but it is we who are mad to put up with them.

With sidewalk dwellers come crime, vermin, disease, used needles and feces. In San Francisco, reports of human waste in public places rose from 5,547 in 2011 to 28,084 in 2018.

That we tolerate their presence, living like them, is proof that we have lost even a semblance of survival instinct. Our greatest fear is of appearing insufficiently compassionate. The United States of America has been replaced by the Republic of Nice — and that’s killing us.

Jailing people charged with major crimes who cannot post bail would not be right. To deny that America is uniquely racist is not nice. Securing our borders against crime, poverty, disease and drugs is not pleasant. Preventing homeless people from defecating on our streets is not pleasant.

That we blithely throw away a civilization that took millions of people around the world to build is seemingly inconsequential. Our relentless drive for kindness is all that matters.

Historian Will Durant observed, “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.” In America, the wrecking balls work overtime.

• Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer and syndicated columnist.