Abundance issue for BJD over selection of candidates in Jeypore Municipality, Odisha – Reuters

By Express press service

JEYPORE: As the last date for submitting nominations for the ULB elections approaches, the BJD of Koraput is facing a problem of abundance due to a large number of aspirants vying for the post of chairman of Jeypore township.

The ruling party has formed Jeypore Municipal Council consecutively for the last three times and is determined to continue its winning streak. However, the dozens of candidates aspiring to the post of president have become a headache for the BJD.

Sources said aspirants are heading to senior party leaders to prove they are worthy of the job. While the BJD constituency has yet to select the candidates for the ULB elections, the mad dash for the top job has put local leaders in deep trouble.

Sources said the main contenders for the post of president are former Jeypore Municipality Vice President Muna Rath, former Jeypore Bloc Vice President Anup Patra and top BJD leaders Bala Ray and Biji Bada. Jenadeo. Besides, some businessmen and entrepreneurs are also vying for the position.
A meeting was called by the BJD in Jeypore on Wednesday but the leaders could not decide on the presidential candidate.

They decided to leave it to the state leadership to take up the issue. Sources said the opinions of former minister and senior BJD official Rabi Nanda and Koraput party chairman Iswar Panigrahi will be taken before selecting a suitable candidate. However, the two leaders are discreet on the issue. BJD insiders said the party would take a final call by Saturday.