A party for community activists


Activists and businessmen Durban came together to contest the upcoming local elections in the local municipality as a new political party of the Coalition of active citizens (ACC).

Active Citizens Coalition recently launched its manifesto in the city saying the party was created to provide a platform for community activists, who have worked with residents for many years, to take their activism to the next level. The party’s slogan is simply “Change through activism”

ACC chairman Imtiaz Syed said the party is not aiming to compete in impending provincial or national elections, although it eventually wants to grow, but is focused on improving lives. citizens at the municipal level. The party includes local community activists regions such as Chatsworth, Phoenix, Overport, Glenmore and Amanzimtoti and challenging 80 districts of the municipality.

“The ACC is not a national party. We don’t run across the province. We only work in eThekwini. We do not plan to conquer the world and we do not expect change to happen overnight, “said Syed.

Syed is a local businessman who first became involved in activism through its local neighbors watch group, and his work has grown to the point that it is now a recognized activist. He was on the streets during the tough Covid-19 lockdown last time around June / July supply of food packages to needy families.

Several of the party’s neighborhood councilors are also community activists who have already worked for years to help residents improve their neighborhoods.

The principles of ACCs highlighted during the manifesto launch include:

  • Belonging and participation
  • Respect for different points of view and backgrounds
  • Sustainability and recognition that we are the stewards of our community for generations to come
  • Commitment to caring for the social environment, which includes cleaning and greening communities and planting healthy foods.
  • Enforce the constitution

Syed said the country has experienced 27 years of democracy and “there is no change.”

“We stay in one place and put bandages on everything,” Syed said.

He said local councilors should serve their communities by relaying their issues and concerns to the municipality for prompt attention.

“We created the ACC as a platform for activists in your area – the person who has worked for years in the community as an activist,” Syed said.

He said the very young Active Citizens Coalition saw itself as a “disaster awareness program” which aimed to help communities during an acute disaster such as fire or flood, but which would instead help people to recover. meet their needs rather than finance poverty.

“We want to bring about lasting change. We are trying to improve your life in the long term, ”said Syed.


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