5 Mercedes-Benz Conecto Solo delivered to Adıyaman Municipality


5 Mercedes-Benz Conecto Solo delivered to Adıyaman Municipality

Adıyaman Municipality took delivery of 5 Mercedes-Benz Conecto Solo 2021 model vehicles for use on public transport lines at a ceremony held in Adıyaman Municipality building. Mercedes-Benz Conecto Solo, which will serve the residents of Adıyaman; It is making a difference in the city bus sector with safety features such as collision avoidance brake assist and cornering assist, first offered in Turkey. Produced in the Hoşdere Bus Factory, one of the most modern bus factories in the world, Mercedes-Benz Conecto Solo has a wide interior with its fully low-profile structure; It also houses the recovery module, which offers unparalleled fuel economy with its economical and environmentally friendly E6 engine. Thanks to this module, available only in the new Conecto buses, the energy stored by the bus when driving and braking without gas is returned in the form of additional fuel savings. Equipped with numerous accessories such as a fire warning and extinguishing system, a ramp for the disabled, an automatic air conditioning system, Conecto Solo takes the high standards of safety and comfort to the next level.

Orhan Çavuş, Mercedes-Benz Türk City Bus Group and Public Sales Manager, delivered the buses to Adıyaman Mayor Dr Süleyman Kılınç and Adıyaman Transport Services Manager Metin Doğan.

Mercedes-Benz Türk City Bus and Public Sales Group Manager Orhan ÇavuÅŸ, in his speech at the ceremony, said: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in 2021. Thanks to the advanced safety technologies of our Conecto Solo vehicles produced at the plant in HoÅŸdere bus, one of the most modern bus factories in the world, residents of Adıyaman will travel safely and comfortably in traffic. Thanks to the large passenger capacity of Conecto Solo, the inhabitants of Adıyaman will maintain their social distance and ensure their transport with complete peace of mind. In the new buses, the level of hygiene is increased thanks to the use of new effective and efficient antiviral active filtering software and active filters against the Covid-19 epidemic. We are confident that our Conecto Solo buses will serve Adıyaman Municipality for many years, with low fuel consumption, affordable operating costs and high product quality. We would like to thank the Municipality of Adıyaman for prioritizing comfort and safety by choosing our Conecto Solo buses for the transport needs of Adıyaman residents. We wish the people of Adıyaman to travel with our vehicles for healthy days. ” noted.

the president of the municipality of Adıyaman, Dr Suleyman Kilinc; “As a municipality, in our preference for buses; We pay attention to durability, comfort, safety and operating costs. The Mercedes-Benz brand considers both passengers and operators with the new safety equipment that it offers as standard only in Conecto vehicles in Turkey. Respect for the environment and fuel economy with its Euro 6 engine played a major role in our preference for Conecto. We will meet the transportation needs of our population with a total of 47 buses, adding Mercedes-Benz branded buses to our fleet for the first time to minimize transit problems and increase the number of services. on busy lines. I would like to express my thanks to all the managers of Mercedes-Benz Türk who contributed to the completion of this delivery; I wish our new buses will be beneficial for the residents of Adıyaman and they will travel in good and healthy days with these buses. ” noted.

The air inside the buses is completely renewed every two minutes.

Mercedes-Benz continues to offer exemplary safety equipment. The new air conditioning system installed in buses against the Covid-19 pandemic is part of this safety equipment. Active filters will be standard equipment on all city buses leaving the Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere bus factory from February 2021. Mercedes-Benz Conecto Solo buses delivered to Adıyaman Municipality also have this software active filtering and active filters.

New Mercedes-Benz bus filtering technology is designed to minimize the risk of spread. The fully automatic air conditioning system constantly changes the air inside the vehicle. Every two minutes, the air inside the vehicle is constantly and completely renewed. Considering that the air is renewed at least once an hour in offices and at least every two hours in other living environments, the superior technology of the new software and filters on Mercedes-Benz buses is better understood.

Passengers can check for the presence of active filters before getting into the vehicle, with a special label with a logo affixed to the front and rear doors of buses with filters with the new air conditioning system.

New safety standards are set in the city with Conecto, Mercedes-Benz’s ambitious model for urban passenger transport

The ABS (Anti Locking System), EBS (Electronic Braking System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) available as standard Conecto equipment ensure safety on the road. PBA – Preventive Brake Assist and SGA – Side Guard Assist (Turning Assist) developed specifically for city bus transport, patented by Mercedes Benz and used in Mercedes-Benz buses for the first time in the world, are offered as standard in Conecto. begin. Frontal Collision Avoidance first warns the driver of any potential risk of collision, and if the danger persists, it provides progressive braking in accordance with urban passenger transport. The Cornering Assistant helps to detect critical situations when cornering in good time and significantly increases the safety of unprotected traffic participants such as pedestrians and cyclists, especially in city traffic. The 5-stage retarder integrated in the automatic transmission, together with the braking system, ensures smooth deceleration of the vehicle, shortens the braking distance and prolongs the life of the brake pads. Despite the increase in dimensions, Conecto now weighs less, thanks to its innovative and light body. With its new body structure developed by Mercedes-Benz engineers, it offers the “survival space” that the upper body must guarantee in the event of an accident.

Conecto, the city bus produced in the Hoşdere bus factory of Mercedes-Benz Türk and offering the highest level of safety, comfort, ergonomics, power / performance to its user, meets all the requirements of economy and high income. Conecto, which meets the highest resistance and durability criteria, is protected against corrosion by the latest technologies, thanks to the process it undergoes in the installation of cataphoresis painting.


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