“Intellectual terrorism has started and the country’s lefts are more left than Karl Marx,” he said. The Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, said Wednesday that the concept of secularism must be defined in the context of “Indian civilization”. Attacking left-wing intellectuals, liberals and the media, Sarma said atRead More →

Two decades after the creation of the redevelopment plans for Syntagma Square, the Greek capital square will finally be renovated.The city of Athens announced it after the city council voted for the sustainable overhaul of the square on Monday, July 19. Although the renovation begins in August 2021, internationally renownedRead More →

Canadian-U.S. Video game designer and developer Sid Meier spearheaded the creation of the 1991 turn-based strategy video game Civilization. Since then it has spawned an acclaimed franchise that is arguably the best strategy game series with Age of empires. With the six games, Civilization includes links like a variety ofRead More →