Winged pectoral goddess (recto); Nubia, Napatan period, reign of Piankhy (Piye), 743-712 BC. earthenware; Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard University — Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition 24.616 Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston “Nubia: treasures of ancient Africa”, now open at the Saint-Louis art museum The building ofRead More →

The latest free update for Civilization VI: a new frontier arrived. Here’s everything you need to know about the Civilization VI April update. For the full patch notes, visit the Steam patch notes here. CIVILIZATION VI SUMMARY OF THE APRIL UPDATE PATCH The Civilization VI A New Frontier the expansionRead More →

Tucker Carlson got embroiled in controversy again after inconsistently denouncing the George Floyd affair. Speaking on Fox News last night, the TV host and political commentator made a number of statements expressing his skepticism about the verdict and suggested that Chauvin had been convicted because jurors were “intimidated” by theRead More →